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   Chapter 1035 The Situation Reversed

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Everyone was paying close attention to Eddie's movements. So when he spoke, his words broke the hearts of the warriors of Oracle City.

They realized that Eddie must have found where Zen was hiding.

And this meant that their last sliver of hope would be shattered to bits.

Eddie didn't hesitate. He took a step forward, making his fist radiance shine, and as he threw this powerful punch, it hit the space node with a resounding bang.


Eddie's face contorted as his fist hit the space node.

A sharp sword suddenly emerged from the space node, instantly shattering Eddie's fist radiance and directly stabbing his fist.

Zen had a top-grade sacred weapon in his hand. Even though Eddie's fist was covered with a layer of solid black scales, it wasn't enough to block the sacred weapon's attack.

The long sword followed its path through Eddie's fist and pierced his arm. A huge force emanated from the sword, pushing Eddie backwards.

The long sword emerged from the space node, followed by Zen's right hand that held it, and then his entire body.

Since the nerves of the fingertips are linked with the heart, piercing his fingers left Eddie with a painful expression on his charred face.

Rocher's sword had cut off his other hand, making it impossible for him to pull out the sword assaulting his hand. All he could do right now was keep retreating.

Zen did not give Eddie a chance to shake the sword off; he firmly held onto the sharp sword and pushed forward. He wanted to use the sword to nail Eddie to the city wall.

Margaret was carrying Letitia as she followed Zen out of the space node.

"It's Zen! He is not dead!"

"I told you so! He has been always lucky. No matter how dangerous the situation is, he can still escape. I really don't know how he recovered this time. It looks like he wasn't hurt at all!"

"The leader of the Cloud Hall is still lying immobile on the ground. Is she dead?"

A sudden furor of discussion began among the warriors on the walls of Oracle City.

They'd been in despair because they thought that there was no one in the Central Region who could fight Eddie.

Zen's Double Star Brilliance had previously completely convinced them that he was the only one who could come even close to fighting Eddie.

And now, Zen had returned, full of vigor and vitality, looking like he hadn't sustained any injuries at all.

"Kill Eddie, Zen! Go for it!"

"Zen, we support you!"

"Zen, I support you! Mentally!" Lewis shouted at the top of his lungs.

Patrick smiled helplessly at this. Rocher had fainted, thankfully, or he would have taught Lewis a little lesson or two.

Eden and Brent had appeared in the Central Region.

Eddie's talent couldn't be ranked as divine level. He could only be a heaven-level talent at most.

It was possible for a heaven-level talent to enter the Soul Sea Realm, but the difficulty would be much higher. His own talent had always been a pain in the ass for Eddie. When he first found out that his son was a divine-level talent, he had naturally nurtured him with great care.

"Talent doesn't matter at all. I don't give a damn about it. Once my Lustful Demon Array is set up, I will—" As Eddie spoke, Zen's hand turned and the tip of the sword twisted accordingly inside Eddie's arm, causing his face to pale.

"There's no chance for that. I've said it before. You dared to take Yan away, which is why you must die." Zen had barely finished talking when the two of them crashed into the wall.


A large part of Oracle City's wall had already collapsed, and this collision smashed another great hole within it. Pieces of brick fell off one after another.

Zen pulled the sword out of Eddie's arm at the moment of impact and stabbed it into his chest.

Now that one of Eddie's hands had been cut off and the other shattered by Zen's top-grade sacred weapon, he completely lost his ability to fight back. His only option as he faced Zen's sword was to retreat. So he chose to run through the gates and into the city, gathering speed as he ran.

The city wall was made up of a variety of huge rocks and beams. As Eddie bumped into the wall as he ran, these rocks and beams began to collapse in the direction that he was fleeing in.

Zen did not hesitate. The sword intent in his hand spiraled upwards and reduced the nearby beams and rocks to dust. He chased Eddie down the entire way.

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