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   Chapter 1034 Determined

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The change was quite visible as Zen's body steadily expanded. When he had previously shrunk, Margaret had put his old clothes away. But now as he was growing bigger, he was bare naked.

As she stared at the scene in front of her, Lavender was poker-faced. Margaret was glancing at Lavender, her face slightly flushed. Although Margaret was not a stranger to Zen's body, seeing another woman watch Zen's body wasn't something she was used to.

On second thought, she realized that Lavender had been in Zen's body all the time, so Lavender probably knew him better than she did.

In the past, Margaret had never thought about Lavender's presence. Could it be possible that the intimate whispers she and Zen shared when they made love fell into the ears of Lavender? Upon realizing such an instance, Margaret's face turned even redder than it already was.

Seeing Margaret's flushed cheeks, Lavender became confused. However, Margaret had always been rather weird, so Lavender didn't mind.

As Zen's body continued to enlarge, he quickly grew into the body of an eight-year-old, and then into a teenage boy of eleven or twelve years old.

Slowly, Zen's figure returned to his original appearance. Once again, he looked like his old twenty-year-old self.

The two women looked eagerly at Zen on the ground. Was he going to wake up?

After waiting for a long time, Zen's body suddenly trembled. Right after, he finally opened his eyes.

In the Purple Power World, the sky was painted in a deep purple color. Streaks of purplish-black Aurora constantly circulated in the air, and on the horizon, an enormous purple sun emitted an unusual purple light.

"What is this place?" Zen looked at this unfamiliar environment and then noticed that Lavender and Margaret were right beside him.

Lavender immediately replied, "This is the Purple Power World. Margaret brought you here."

Not caring about anything else, Margaret threw herself into Zen's embrace. The joy on her face was palpable.

Zen held onto Margaret and asked, "Where's Eddie?"

Whether Eddie was still alive or dead was very important at the moment, and it was still Zen's greatest concern.

"He's still alive," Lavender answered concisely.

"He didn't die?" Zen lowered his head and murmured, revealing a trace of regret on his face. However, he caught a glimpse of Letitia who was beside him from the corner of his eyes. His expression changed drastically as he pushed Margaret aside and extended his hand towards Letitia.

Back in the battle, Eddie had shot out two gusts of Life and Death Wind, one hitting Zen and the other hitting Letitia.

Zen understood how dangerous the Life and Death Wind was. Even the Ancient Tycoon had no way to resist it. Thanks to the Heavenly Fragment, Zen was able to recover, but what about Let

Array could have already been completed.

Despite his relentless efforts of chasing them, it was Zen who successfully took Margaret away. It was him who took her virginity energy as well. What Eddie didn't expect was that Margaret had taken such a huge risk just to save Zen's life.

It was evident that Zen's luck was much greater than his. The thought of this dejected Eddie. If it wasn't for the chain of cause and effect, he could've already killed Zen, and his disciples of the Heavenly Evil Sect could've avoided the giant swords summoned by Margaret.

On top of the city wall, many of the martial artists at the Virtual Tribulation Realm looked at this scene with cold eyes. As for the three leaders of the World Commercial Alliance, they were stalemated by Simon. At that point in time, they were in no mood to fight.

In the eyes of the martial artists of the Oracle City, as long as Zen was still alive, then they still had hope. If Zen was truly dead, then everything was over.

"I think we should just surrender," a martial artist at Virtual Tribulation Realm said faintly as he sat on top of the broken wall of the Oracle City.

"We warriors of the World Commercial Alliance would rather die than submit. Why should we surrender to them?" Apparently, not everyone agreed to such an idea.

"But facing Eddie, we do not have the strength to fight back. Why waste our lives?"

"It's better to die a hero than live a dishonorable existence."

Every martial artist at that moment had a different perspective towards the battle and its outcome. However, the majority of them didn't express their opinions. In their hearts, there was still a tiny bit of hope.

At that same time, Eddie noticed a node floating through the air. His face instantly lit up, but a sinister look replaced it not long after, "Let me see how you'd survive this time, Zen!"

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