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   Chapter 1033 Cause And Effect

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The heavens also had emotions. Could it be possible that it was originally a manifestation of a living being?

It was the ruler of the universe but how powerful was it really?

The myriad of emotions that flooded through Zen made him understand the sheer helplessness the fragment had felt when it broke.

He went back to what Lavender had told him: the current round of heavens was the sky. After the old one had been destroyed, a new round of heavens had to be established to replace it. Countless warriors, after breaking through to the Life and Death Realm, would encounter life and death crises, namely the small Heavenly Tribulations and the big Heavenly Tribulations. Both were coursed through the sky.

Once the old round of heavens had been destroyed, the new one replaced it, but how?

These were all still unresolved questions and unfathomable secrets for Zen, but his acquisition of the Heavenly Fragment meant that everything would unfold in due time.

Besides the memories and emotions of the fragment itself, he also found something special.

Rows of densely packed characters appeared and mapped themselves in Zen's mind.

Each row of characters followed a format: the upper row had golden characters while the lower row was of a darker gold, resembling a question and an answer.

These characters were the Law of Causality recorded in the Heavenly Fragment, but of course, Zen had no idea what it was at the time being.

The first row was the cause, and the second was the effect.

This Law of Causality was the general principle of the universe. If a warrior wanted to cultivate cause and effect, he or she must choose this law that recorded all rules of causality.

The seed one planted would grow flowers, plants, or trees.

Hard work shall yield a harvest.

The cultivation of a special technique would allow a warrior to break through at a certain time.

Every living being, be it a simple plant or a mighty warrior, was encompassed by cause and effect, making the Law of Causality the superior rule of the entire universe.

Fire Law, Water Law, Time Law, and Space Law could never hold a candle against it since they all belonged to the inferior laws.

However, one couldn't exist without the other. Both the superior and inferior rules existed side by side and played a part together as the universe accorded.

Of course, the rules that had been recorded in the Heavenly Fragment were from 3.6 billion years

s, it might be the Heavenly Fragment that had caused such a shocking change to Zen.

What exactly did he comprehend from the fragment? Did he activate some kind of Law of Causality?

Just as she thought about it, Zen's body suddenly began to expand. From an infant, he gradually grew up and became a little boy.

"What's going on?" Lavender's eyes flashed. "Is he… Is this body rebuilding itself or is it a reincarnation?"

Even Lavender and the cyan dragon had very limited understanding of the Law of Causality.

From what they knew, the Law of Causality was heaven's purest law. Even Supreme Lords had difficulty mastering it. Therefore, those who managed such a heavy task were considered the best of the best.

From what Lavender could remember, both body rebuilding and reincarnation could achieve this effect. However, there was no way to be sure since this was the first time she had witnessed this kind of Law of Causality.

"Does it matter which one it is?" Margaret asked with genuine concern.

"It doesn't," Lavender replied. "If his body is rebuilt, it will only become purer. If his body is reincarnated, it won't have any effect on him but I believe he will wake up."

Zen's body was like a freak existence in the entire universe. His body had already become purer after being infiltrated by the primordial energy.

Body rebuilding was a kind of adventure to other warriors, but it might not be a good thing for Zen since a rebuilt body might not be as strong as his current one.

"I see…"

Margaret nodded. She did not understand or really care about what was going on. All she wanted was for Zen to wake up.

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