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   Chapter 1032 Unexpected Development

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It was customary that the few high-ranked warriors were the deciding factor of a sect victory.

As long as he was not slain, Eddie alone was enough to win the war.

However, his potential victory didn't exactly guarantee him the complete control of the result.

Even if he killed Zen, Letitia, and the Ancient Tycoon, who was to help him take over the Oracle City?

There were still hundreds of thousands of warriors left in the Oracle City. Was he to kill them one by one?

Usually, warriors of different ranks had to fight with their counterparts of the opposing side in a war.

It was Eddie who won the battle of the upper rank. But after that, in just a drop of a hat, Margaret intervened and managed to eliminate all the middle and lower-ranked warriors of the Heavenly Evil Divine Kingdom. Exasperation was now evident on Eddie's face.

"Woman, you're courting death!"

Eddie yelled, his face red in displeasure.

That time, he didn't hesitate one bit and immediately reached out his hand towards Margaret. He could crush that woman into fragments with just one of his limbs.

Margaret only blinked in response, her eyebrows furrowed slightly. Her beautiful face revealed a trace of contempt. She reached out her hands and pulled Zen and Letitia towards her, after which they three all disappeared in an instant.

"The Purple Power World, right? That's nothing impressive!" Eddie sneered.

Since he had taken part in helping Marilyn activate her Purple Power Body, he knew everything about it. Unfortunately for Eddie, the number of swords that Margaret had summoned was beyond his expectation.

After all, Marilyn had only been able to summon a hundred swords at most back then. Margaret, however, who was only at the early stage of the Internal Elixir Realm, could summon tens of thousands of times more swords than Marilyn. That was something Eddie had never anticipated.

Right after he insulted Margaret, Eddie extended his arm to the spot where she had been. Eddie thought that Margaret must be hiding in the Purple Power World, but she was still connected to this world through a space node. Once he attacked that space node, Margaret could be forced out of where she was hiding.

Back then in the Martial Arts Contest, Zen had been at his wits' end when Marilyn hid in the Purple Power World. In the end, Zen had relied on the Space Law to find the space node, and that was how he had chased her out of the Purple Power World.

Thinking that he could do just the same, Eddie frowned upon discovering that there was nothing in his hand.

"How is this possible?"

Eddie had clearly seen the place where Margaret had disappeared into thin air, and he had thought that the space node was there. How did that woman avoid his attack?

"Didn't you say that I was courting death?" Margaret's indifferent voice rang out in the air. Then, she continued, "Was that mere exaggeration? Just try to kil


Faint energy from the Heavenly Fragment had flowed into Zen's body, and his consciousness had been connecting with that energy.

At this time, Zen had been staying in a special state. He was analyzing the information within that energy.

The information was too much for Zen to take.

A round of heavens had recorded three point six billion years of history. In those specific records, one could find all that had happened during the great era, the one hundred thousand great worlds, the heavenly bodies, and the various outlands.

Too many things could occur during those years, and not one creature could ever have the capability to record them all.

For instance, the world that Zen was in had a historical record of only tens of thousands of years. Any earlier history was completely blank in books. This was only tens of thousands of years, let alone three point six billion years.

However, the Heavenly Fragment wasn't the entire heavens. Moreover, Zen had only absorbed a tiny bit of the energy it had released.

'What should I know?

Why should I know it?' Zen's consciousness muttered to himself.

There was no one to guide Zen. Right now, he could not communicate with anyone, including the cyan dragon and Lavender. He could only rely on himself.

As he continued to analyze, he gradually felt a sign of emotion contained in the Heavenly Fragment.

'The heavens has emotions?'

A strange thought suddenly popped into Zen's mind.

Lavender had once told him that it wasn't a fragment of the present heavens, but of the previous one.

From this small fragment, Zen could feel a hint of helplessness and sorrow.

It was said that the heavens would complete a cycle every 3.6 billion years. If this was true, why had the previous heavens broken into pieces? Who had shattered it and broken it into pieces? That question appeared in Zen's mind as he went on to analyze the power of the Heavenly Fragment.

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