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   Chapter 1031 Margaret Summoned The Swords

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Eddie did not fully understand the principles behind the Life and Death Wind but that did not mean that he couldn't use it to kill other people.

Using the Life and Death Wind had permanent, negative effects on Eddie which subjected him to a considerable amount of risk whenever he used it. It was always a last resort option but since he needed to win this battle, then he would have no choice but to go all out.

The fragment in front of him flickered with a multitude of colors. One glance would be able to tell anyone that this was no ordinary item and Eddie briefly wondered if this was the "big secret" Master Wallace had been talking about before.

In Eddie's opinion, Zen was a kid who had too many secrets. It would greatly benefit him if he could obtain Zen's secrets, so Zen must be killed as soon as possible.

He walked towards the young man with the aim of taking that piece of fragment from him. However, an extremely sharp sword radiance suddenly shot out towards him from outside the city wall!


The sword radiance contained an intimidating momentum as it flew through the air.

There was no time to react, not even Eddie himself could avoid the sword in time. Swift and sure, it was as if the sword represented the heavens that had come to punish Eddie for his sins.


The blade slashed at Eddie's wrist and successfully cut off one of his hands.

Meanwhile, a young man atop the city walls collapsed onto the green bricks below. The pressure he had exerted upon himself was evident by the two, thick streams of pitch-black blood beside him.

Rocher lay on the brick with his sword in his arms. It took everything in him to make that strike and he had almost lost his life.

'What a pity… It actually missed the vital parts, ' he thought to himself regretfully before fully passing out.

But in truth, cutting off Eddie's hand was already a huge accomplishment. Rocher, after all, was only an Internal Elixir Realm warrior but the power of his Heavenly Sword was perhaps already on par with that of the Transcendent Divine Might.

His strike combined the natural law of the heavens! Rocher's Heavenly Sword had gathered heaven's momentum and conformed to the heavenly wishes. If he followed this path and ventured deeper in his cultivation, then Rocher's future achievements might actually rival Zen's!

"That attack just now came from an Internal Elixir Realm warrior."

"Yes! It is Rocher from the Cloud Hall who did it. Apparently, the Heavenly Sword he comprehended had enough power to kill a Virtual Tribulation Realm master. It seems it is actually true!"

"What a pity that so many extraordinary warriors of the W

h between Zen's sword and the ones that Marilyn had summoned.

But that battle only featured several dozen blades.

The brewing fight right in front of them was an entirely different matter.

Above Oracle City, the sky had been transformed into a field of gigantic swords.

Just how many Heavenly Evil Sect disciples would survive once the rain of swords poured down from the heavens?

It was only then that Eddie realized his mistake. "You!" he pointed an accusatory finger to Margaret. "H-How did you do that?"

Margaret sneered and, with a flick of a finger, more swords rained down upon the battlefield.

She was someone who possessed the best physique in the Purple Power World: a top rank Purple Power Body. The number of swords she could summon was naturally more than what an ordinary Purple Power Body could ever hope for.

The several million swords she had summoned was not even the peak of her abilities. So long as she was prepared to pay the price, Margaret could summon all 99 billion swords and destroy the entire Central Region.

But of course, that would be overkill.


"Quickly, run!"

"We can't escape! There are swords everywhere!"

"Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang..."

Huge swords continued their barrage onto the ground below, slicing all warriors into muddy flesh.

Over a hundred thousand Heavenly Evil Sect warriors were killed in a manner of seconds.

Only Simon and a few Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors were able to survive against Margaret's tirade of attacks.

The battlefield resembled hell on earth. Once the swords disappeared, all that remained were blood, flesh, and mud.

Eddie could only look in disbelief at the scene in front of him. His grim expression signaled a storm that loomed over all of them.

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