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   Chapter 1030 Contempt

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Everything in the world had a cause and an effect.

This was because those who lived in this world were destined to lead a difficult life.

With hard work in cultivation, warriors succeeded in making great achievements in the name of martial arts.

Why was that?

Compared to other kinds of Law Powers, the Law of Causality was the purest and most direct.

But the cause and effect of all things were built upon the foundation of Nature Law—when one Nature Law was created, all causalities were decided. Therefore, the power of the Law of Causality was the top authority of the Nature Law.

No one in this world could completely comprehend the Law of Causality unless they were transformed into the Nature Law.

Lavender looked at Zen nervously—although there were several causes and effects within the Heavenly Fragment, it was still only a fragment. Neither she nor the cyan dragon knew much about the Law of Causality and the effect of the Heavenly Fragment.

If Zen died, his sword spirit would gradually dissipate, leaving Lavender's last strand of soul alone without support until it dissipated into the air as well.

As for the cyan dragon, it would once again be sealed within the mysterious smelting furnace.

At this moment, however, everyone's attention wasn't focused on Zen and Letitia, but on Eddie.

The power of Zen's first round of attack had already gone beyond what anyone imagined.

The power of a middle-stage Virtual Tribulation Realm warrior was even much stronger than that of a Life and Death Realm warrior.

Under such an attack, how could Eddie still be alive?

As long as Eddie died, Simon would become the sole powerful master in the Heavenly Evil Sect. Because he was a Life and Death Realm warrior, he was a difficult one to deal with. But as the other warriors of the Heavenly Evil sect were not as powerful, Simon alone wouldn't be able to defeat all his opponents at once. Perhaps the World Commercial Alliance and the Cloud Hall could take an advantageous position during the war when the time came.

Eddie's importance was clear to both sides, because only his life and death had a real impact on the situation, and their fights weren't truly meaningful.

The two rays of intertwining starlight gradually dissipated in the wind, along with the rocks, dirt, trees, and rubble from the city walls.

As the dust thinned in the air, the person lying at the bottom of the huge pit came into view.

The body was pitch black, like a completely burnt sweet potato, with charred skin on a motionless body.

"It's Eddie!"

"Is he dead?"

"He's not moving… He must be dead. It would be impossible for him to survive that attack."

he foreign woman had an extraordinary background, he never thought he would hear such words come out of her mouth. Just what level of strength did this woman once have? What kind of force did she come from?

Turning to Zen, Eddie muttered, "It's strange. Zen's life vitality is supposed to be completely gone, but he's still alive."

With that, he ignored Lavender's spear and made his way to Zen.

Seeing Eddie make another move, Lavender didn't hesitate at all. As she shook her long spear, an invisible wave shot right toward Eddie.


Although the power of the spear's strike was just as powerful as Zen's attack, when it stabbed through Eddie's body, it seemed to pierce through the cotton fiber, distorted by some strange power of Eddie.

Immediately taking hold of Lavender's long spear, Eddie moved his hand, hitting and breaking Lavender into countless sword spirits which then began gathering within Zen's body.

After looking at the scene for a while, Eddie put the spear into his own space ring and continued making his way toward Zen.

One hundred feet...

Fifty feet...

Thirty feet...

Eddie's gaze fell on a piece of debris on Zen's chest. His eyes lit up, revealing a peculiar luster.

"This fragment…"

While he didn't know the background of the fragment nor how powerful it was, he discovered that Zen's life vitality was sustained by that very fragment. It led him to believe that it wasn't any ordinary thing.

Although Eddie could make use of the Life and Death Wind, it didn't mean that he had control over it. In reality, Eddie hadn't even figured out what the Law of Causality was. He only knew that the Life and Death Wind was truly magical, powerful, and dangerous, and any creature that touched it would come face-to-face with death.

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