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   Chapter 1029 The Law of Causality

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As a technique of the Transcendent Divine Might, the Stellar Body was far more difficult to cultivate than other martial skills.

Just the thought of using the perception to traverse through the great universe alone was enough to stop almost all the martial artists. After that, communicating with the stars was even more difficult.

Once one successfully mastered it and used the power of the stars to fight, coupled with his forceful energy, his power would be far beyond what an ordinary martial artist could imagine.

Back in the days, the Supreme Lord Star was invincible in the Upper World with his Stellar Body technique.

The first move of the Stellar Body technique, star shakes the earth, was only its most basic application. Even so, it was enough for Zen to deal with the top-level war lords when he was a war general.

The second move was a lot more complicated. It required the user to combine the energies of several types of stars to produce a much stronger power. Many stars had completely different characteristics. Some were unusually gentle while some were restless. When the forces were combined, they could reject each other. Once the warriors had mastered the second move, their power would increase exponentially.

So far Zen had only managed to combine two stars. The more stars Zen could combine in the future, the stronger his power of the second move would be.

In truth, the second move alone could be used as a separate martial skill and therefore it would take a long time to cultivate.

As Zen separated his hands, the purple and orange star lights became intertwined. The two different types of star powers, like boiling water, formed a small body of light. A faint colorful mist was emitting from within and it looked like it could erupt at any moment.

When Zen cultivated, he had mixed the two star lights together, but he could extract only very little power, about the size of a grain of rice. Even then, the power that erupted from it was difficult to imagine. Zen struggled to control it and almost blew himself up several times.

Now these two types of star lights mixed together and could form a small ball the size of a fist that was constantly boiling. If it exploded in his hands, even if he had his body like a high-grade fairy weapon, he would be turned to ashes in an instant.

Overall, the success rate of the Double Star Brilliance was only about 40%. Zen hadn't fully grasped it yet, so this was a great risk for him.

Zen carefully stabilized the star lights in his hands. He saw the two bright yellow Life and Death Winds slowly approaching him.

His eyes fla

had his mark. If she forced it open, the entire Sumeru Space would explode. In this instant, Zen felt too weak to use his life vitality. He was so tired and sleepy. Right now all he wanted to do was to curl up and sleep.

His father hoped his journey of life never ended. Could this be the end of his life journey?

Zen struggled to open his eyes. He saw Letitia lying in his arms with a serene face as if asleep and having a beautiful dream. Zen felt grateful. 'Maybe this is a good ending. Maybe this is a good way to go without pain, ' he thought.

"Zen! Use your life vitality! Just a little is enough!" He could hear Lavender's voice again. "Do you want to die? Use it now! Think about your sister! She's still in Eddie's hands! Even if Eddie dies, the others will never let her go. Do you want that to happen?"

Yan Luo!

As he heard his sister's name, his heart started beating again. It was a weak and faint beat, but he had come back from the dead. He woke up. He had to save Yan. He couldn't give up now!

A wisp of life vitality came out of his belly and flew through his meridians, directly pouring into the space ring. The seal that had once locked the ring had been broken and it had become ownerless.

Lavender quickly took out a small fragment from the ring. This fragment had a phoenix pattern engraved on it. As carefully as possible she activated the power within the fragment.

The Law of Causality reigned all other laws. It was an unreasonable and tyrannical law that stood above all powers when compared with the various Original Laws of the world.

The natural law was the foundation of all causality, but even Lavender wasn't sure if the fragment could destroy the causality that formed the Life and Death Winds.

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