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   Chapter 1028 Double Star Brilliance

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Lavender was Zen's sword spirit. And needless to say, her strength would consequently grow along as Zen gained strength. Most of the martial artists that had just entered the Life and Death Realm wouldn't be a match for her if she would fight alone. However, fighting solitarily against Eddie would be too difficult for her.

But of course, the outcome was the one Zen had expected it to be. Lavender wouldn't be able to beat Eddie. And even if she could, he would not let her do it!

Zen's goal in life was to reach the peak of martial arts. At the age of twenty, he already had a perfect start. He had conquered and stepped into the middle stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm. However, Eddie had already become his nemesis.

If he ought to advance further on the path of martial arts, he had to kill Eddie himself. Otherwise, Eddie would become his mental burden, haunting him in the future. Thus he would not be able to get far on the path of martial arts. More likely, it would be a hindrance for him in reaching the peak of martial arts!

Zen found himself in deep concentration. He was contemplating that back when he had returned from the Sea God Continent, if he had invited Miguel, or even a powerful master like Amber to personally make a trip to the Central Region and help him, things would have been simple and he would have already gotten rid of Eddie!

He was fully aware that as long as he asked, whether it was Miguel or Amber, they wouldn't refuse him!

With their cultivation level in Soul Sea Realm, they could easily defeat anyone in the Central Region. To boot, Amber was a rare talent. She was an outstanding master amongst the warriors at the Soul Sea Realm. Even a Life and Death Realm warrior like Eddie would pale in comparison. He wouldn't be able to resist the attacks from these masters.

After careful consideration, Zen chose to fight against Eddie himself. Nothing would be more important to him than to clear this barrier with his own hands.

And now, the time indeed was the most crucial.

At the precise moment when Lavender was able to hamper Eddie, Zen abruptly took Letitia. Then they both whirled around Oracle City before they attempted to rush headlong towards the city wall once again.

At this time, the battle between the two sides was already in full swing!

The army of the Heavenly Evil Sect was quite powerful. But the alliance between the World Commercial Alliance and the Cloud Hall was also a force to be reckoned with, especially the World Commercial Alliance which was widely known as a sixth-grade sect. Its strength was not something the Cloud Hall could measure up to!

On the battlefield, hundreds of giant puppets came into sight. Their bodies which were as big as mountains constituted mainly of steel and iron. Under the command of the puppet technique, they simultaneously charged towards the army of the Heavenly Evil Sect.

he Life and Death Wind that Eddie released with the Nameless Saber.

Eddie laughed sinisterly. "Now, both of you can go die!"


Zen was stunned for a brief moment when he saw the bright yellow winds, but with his quick reflex, he immediately dragged Letitia and sank down!

To everyone's astonishment, when the Life and Death Wind surfaced, it was as if it had a soul of its own. The winds just floated smoothly towards Letitia.

The Life and Death Wind was indeed exceptionally unusual. Any living creatures would have feared it instinctively. Therefore, every time this Life and Death Wind came into sight, everyone's heart would almost stop beating, and they would all stare blankly at the two bright yellow winds, as if they were anticipating for their last breath.

Saint Morphens' face sank, while the expressions of many martial artists in Cloud Hall also became heavy.

When the three leaders of the World Commercial Alliance caught sight of this, their faces eventually became gloomy. They all thought that even their master was unable to withstand this strange wind and instantly lost his life, then how could Zen and Letitia possibly survive?

Simon wore a sneer on his face. 'Zen is destined to die this time, ' he thought happily.

At that stretch of time, the light in Zen's hands began to flicker in a dazzling shine. He brought his hands together, and the two beams of differently colored starlight suddenly merged into one. In that fleeting moment, the entire world underwent a tremendous change!

The sky became dark as if night had fallen all of a sudden. Everyone could only see two bright stars in the dark sky: one was orange, the other was purple. The two stars emitted unusual light, adding radiance and beauty to each other. And these light rays also shone brightly on Zen's hands!

"Double Star Brilliance!"

Zen calmly stated as he opened up his hands, his face as calm as water.

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