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   Chapter 1027 The Life And Death Wind

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Just as Eddie was about to flourish his saber, another wave of significant power emerged from the top of the city walls, followed by an aged voice.

"Eddie, it's me you're going to face!"

If a man had lived for a thousand years, he was to become a legend. The one who spoke was the Ancient Tycoon, the pillar of the World Commercial Alliance. In the entirety of the Central Region, he was the only one who was over a thousand years old.

For a long time, the Ancient Tycoon had been holding back. However, at that particularly critical moment, he decided to make his move. It was the perfect time to do so.

Two years ago, only he had the capability to defeat Eddie. After Zen killed Marilyn during the Martial Arts Contest, Eddie tried to end him, too. Letitia, along with the three leaders of the World Commercial Alliance and Imogen couldn't stop Eddie. It was only the Ancient Tycoon who could.

That meant that the strength of the Ancient Tycoon was at least the same as Eddie's.

The Ancient Tycoon brought his hands together, his wrinkled skin twitching. He then reached out a withered palm towards Eddie, covering his face.

However, before he could even attack, Eddie surprised him by saying, "Old man, I have disliked you for a long time. But for you, I might've killed Zen two years ago. Since you have a death wish, I will grant it for you!"

Originally, Eddie had planned to use the Netherworld Shaking on Letitia, but he had a new target now. He swung his Nameless Saber towards the Ancient Tycoon.


A bright yellow-colored wind came out of Eddie's saber, sweeping across the Ancient Tycoon.

The moment the yellow gust of wind left the Nameless Saber, that distinct feeling immediately spread out. All the living beings inside and outside Oracle City were all captured by fear at the same time. None of them dared to move and they all held their breaths.

Quickly, Zen pulled Letitia to retreat with him. Even if he didn't want to let the Ancient Tycoon fight Eddie on his own, the safety of Letitia was more important for him. As they went their way, he asked, "Cyan dragon, what exactly is that thing? Why is it that terrifying?"

Before the cyan dragon could even reply, the wind had already swept towards the Ancient Tycoon.

The wind didn't seem to be that strong at all. It was almost as if it was only a gentle breeze and only caused the hem of the Ancient Tycoon's robe to move a little. Immediately afterwards, the eyes of the Ancient Tycoon lost all their color, and he fell silently to the ground. He was lifeless.

As Zen witnessed what just happened, the expression on his face drastically changed.

In the midst of a fierce battle against his opponent, Dillon roared out in anger, "Sir!"

Hearing Dillon's loud


The most important thing for a warrior was to maintain his state of mind, but Letitia knew Zen very well. If at that kind of time he was still able to control his state of mind, then he couldn't possibly be human.

As humans were created to have emotions, getting upset from time to time was normal. They just needed to learn how to manage those emotions.

Thinking of this, Letitia tilted her body and placed her hand on Zen's robe, covering his chest.

At the same time, under the circulation of her life vitality, a wave of ice-cold aura spread out.

"Calm down, Zen," Letitia said softly.

Zen felt a cooling sensation kiss his heart. His beating heart gradually slowed down. His tense face gradually relaxed, and the vexed look on his face disappeared without a trace.

"You're right. I have to calm down," he responded.

One of Zen's prides in life was his positive attitude, but that day, he almost lost it.

During the countless dangers that he had encountered, his calmness had always helped him overcome them. He never thought he'd feel such distress because of Eddie.

"Lavender!" Zen called out softly.

A speck of red light instantly condensed around Zen. He reached out his hand and a ray of light burst out from his space ring. The middle-grade sacred spear spun around twice before landing in Lavender's hand.

"Do you want me to kill him?"

Lavender asked with a smile.

"No, it's too dangerous. You aren't his match!" Zen replied. He shook his head before he continued, "But please hold him back!"

Lavender nodded. "No problem. You can count on me."

As a sword spirit, Lavender only had one soul attached to her. She didn't have any life force, so naturally, she wasn't threatened by Eddie's Life and Death Wind. Upon Zen's command, she held the long spear and turbulently shot towards Eddie.

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