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   Chapter 1026 Netherworld Shaking

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Hell, netherworld, fiends, and ghosts.

There were many records about these things in Central Region. However, they were all classified as legends that people would normally not be able to see with their own eyes.

These legends were often described in a mystical but insubstantial manner in all sorts of books and fantasy stories. The authors would also take the liberty of adding a bit of flair in their storytelling.

The existence of these things was uncertain but, judging from the cyan dragon's words, Eddie was indeed someone who had the fiend lineage. Basically, Eddie was a living fiend.

Zen had no idea how Eddie obtained his lineage, but the low-grade sacred weapon in his hands had the ability to summon the Netherworld Yaksha. He could more or less deduce that Eddie got it from either his Nameless Saber or some other method.

Nevertheless, he was pretty certain that Eddie he faced right now was even more terrifying than before.

Had it been in the past, this new information would've probably affected Zen greatly. However, the current Zen did not care. It did not matter if Eddie was a fiend or some god from the heavens, Zen would fight Eddie to the death if need be.

"It's not enough? In that case, I can still bring up my full strength!"

Zen suddenly rushed towards Eddie with a punch loaded with the power of his dragon scales.


Eddie's hand shot out like lightning and blocked Zen's fist just as it was about to swing down on him.

None of the Life and Death Realm warriors and war sages could resist Zen's punch. Just one blow of Zen's terrifying strength would be enough to destroy them completely. However, Eddie did not avoid the force of Zen's punch and caught it in his hand. Just as he had blocked Zen's attack, a strange rune appeared in his eyes—the fiend race's symbol! As the fiend bloodline within him was stimulated, an endless amount of fiend energy began to madly circulate within his body.

Looking at such a strange pair of eyes sent a chill running down everyone's spine. Even Zen felt a great pressure weighing down upon him but it was not enough to change his expression.

"Ha!" Eddie sneered as he grabbed Zen's fist and raised it high into the air. Using some momentum, he swung and threw his opponent directly onto the city wall in front of them.

As he threw Zen, Eddie's heavy, mountainous body followed closely behind.

Letitia's eyes flashed. Unwilling to stand by any longer, she jumped down from the city wall. "

o barge into Oracle City alone so he was confident that he could defeat everyone there. His fist emitted a great amount of light as it shattered Letitia's ice thorns one by one into shimmering pieces.

"I'm afraid I'll have to kill such a beautiful woman without mercy today." He then waved his hand as his life vitality surged out of his body like a tidal wave. He once again held his Nameless Saber and pointed it at Letitia.

A wave of danger and worry plunged Zen's heart into a panic. "Get out of the way!"

He grabbed her by the hand and ran away as fast as he could. However, there was a faint, evil grin on Eddie's face as his Nameless Saber began to follow Letitia.

"You can't dodge this, Letitia! You will die today! Don't worry. Zen will follow you soon." The weapon in his hand shook in Eddie's hand as if something appeared into this world and entered the Nameless Saber.

That thing was extremely special. It only appeared for a mere three seconds but it was enough to stun all the warriors, mortals, and peerless masters of Oracle City into silence.

Even those in the middle of a fight stopped with the feeling that they would die if they didn't. There was a sense of instinctive fear that had washed over everyone so suddenly.

Even Zen and Letitia felt it. It was as if a strange little monster had grabbed their hearts and squeezed them. Just what was hiding inside that Nameless Saber? How terrifying was Eddie's attack?

There was no time to guess. Eddie's target right now was Letitia and Zen made it his top priority to escape with her.

"Netherworld Shaking!"

Eddie screamed and swung the Nameless Saber towards Letitia.

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