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   Chapter 1025 Fiend

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Zen did not show any mercy or too much killing intent when he faced Eddie.

In order to fight him, Zen had already adjusted his state of mind to be at its best. He looked calm and expressionless — neither happy nor sad.

He suddenly threw a punch at his enemy, and the power of the forceful energy and the dragon scales erupted instantly.

Compared to Eddie's Supreme Emperor Fist, Zen's punch did not appear to be so powerful, but it was much more deadly and brutal!

Just as Zen's fist was about to hit Eddie, a black mist emitted from Eddie's body and enveloped him.


When Zen's fist struck Eddie, it didn't feel like he was hitting a human body. It was as if the punch had landed on a thick cotton pad. The unstoppable fist was like a stone that had fallen into the sea and disappeared without a trace!

'What's going on?'

Zen's brow furrowed.

The black mist that emerged from Eddie's body was very strange. Last time in the Ethereal City, the Septuplets of Ethereal Spirit had utilized the Dragon-trapping Rope, and launched their strongest attack, but it had not caused any damage to Eddie due to this same mist!

Now, Zen understood why the Septuplets of Ethereal Spirit had been so shocked back then.

But he still remained expressionless. With Eddie, he knew that anything could happen! What he needed to do was to stabilize his state of mind and showcase his might.

Thanks to the black mist, Eddie did not seem to be harmed in any way, but Zen did not stop there. A second round of attacks followed!

"I'll take you down!"


Zen grabbed Eddie who was in the black mist and released the forceful energy in his body once again, trying to push Eddie down!


Just like that, Zen pushed Eddie all the way down into the big crater. He didn't stop here; he pushed him further into the big crater and kept running.

Hundreds of thousands of warriors on both sides witnessed the scene. Zen continued to force Eddie to the ground, causing dust to billow all the way up. The two of them were completely engulfed in the smoke.

One lap, two laps, three laps…

Zen was still holding Eddie down and running, plowing deep ditches that formed circles in the crater!

Finally, Zen stopped. His eyes now had a faint killing intent. He threw his fist at Eddie again and a wave of intense explosions was heard!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

It was as if many firecrackers were going off at the same time the way they did during New Year celebrations. In the corner of the crater, smoke and dust were blooming like a mushroom. Nobody was able to see the battle clearly.

On the city wall, the warriors of the World Commercial Alliance and the people from the Cloud Hall felt their blood boiling as they watched this scene!

The strength of the Heavenly E

good thing for him.

As for the many independent warriors of the Heavenly Evil Sect, they now looked cheerful and hopeful. They knew that their Lord couldn't possibly be so weak!

The black mist surrounding Eddie gradually dissipated, and his tall, robust figure slowly revealed itself. His entire body was now covered in a layer of black scales, and a thin, long horn had sprouted on his head!

"You have truly surprised me. Within two years, you have grown to be able to threaten my existence. I never expected such a talent to be present in the Central Region!" As he spoke, he slowly floated up into the air. With a vicious light glinting in his eyes, he stated, "However, your strength is not enough to defeat me!"

Zen's eyes were as calm as water. He asked, "Not enough? Do you think I am weaker than you?"

"Your strength is far from enough!" Eddie roared, all the bones in his body began crackling. It was as though his bones had rearranged themselves, and his entire body underwent an astonishing change. The lower half of his legs bulged forward, as though they were an animal's legs. The muscles on his body also started to swell. His entire body had doubled in size!

Eddie did not look human anymore. His figure was as large as that of an ogre on the Sea God Continent.

Zen was surprised to see this change in Eddie's body. 'He seems to have some kind of special bloodline. What kind of race does he belong to? Is he an ogre? Or a dragon? Or another race...' he thought to himself.

A faint voice rang out in his mind. It was the cyan dragon who answered, "You guessed right, Eddie belongs to another race. But he is not a descendant of any of the over one hundred races in the Upper World. He is a fiend from the netherworld."

"A fiend!" Zen's heart skipped a beat but he calmly stared at Eddie, who was standing not too far from him.

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