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   Chapter 1024 Contempt

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All the martial artists in Oracle City were overjoyed

Before the battle, everyone had been apprehensive due to the difference in cultivation levels between Zen and Eddie.

Eddie was someone who had gone through four life and death crises and each one had effectively strengthened him as a warrior.

Zen, on the other hand, was in the middle stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm. Though it was an impressive feat for someone his age, the disparity between his and Eddie's cultivation was still quite big.

Sure, Zen had been able to take on Internal Elixir Realm warriors and even divine-level talents even when he was just an Illuminating Soul Realm warrior.

But the difference between the Illuminating Soul Realm and Internal Elixir Realm was entirely different compared to the difference between the Virtual Tribulation Realm and the Life and Death Realm.

This was the primary reason why both Letitia and the Ancient Tycoon had tried to stop Zen from taking on Eddie's challenge.

The only one who could challenge a Life and Death Realm warrior was another Life and Death Realm warrior!

Warriors who reached this stage were considered the best in all of Central Region. Those at the Virtual Tribulation Realm were simply incapable of facing off against their Life and Death Realm peers.

This was the root cause of everyone's concern. No matter how skilled Zen was, the fact remained that Eddie was still a more experienced warrior.

Of course, both Letitia and the Ancient Tycoon were constantly vigilant in making sure that Zen would not be harmed. Even if the one-on-one fight had been agreed upon, Zen's safety was still of paramount importance.

This was often how sect battles worked. Even if a sect willingly sent a warrior to battle, they would not allow their champion to die by their enemy's hands. This was a tradition that had been kept in practice for thousands of years and this battle was no exception.

On the other hand, if Eddie was ever put at a disadvantageous position, Simon would also not hesitate to attack.

Zen had managed to land a strike on Eddie with his very first attack, much to the joy of the World Commercial Alliance. This attack signified Zen's ever-improving prowess and the fact that he had the strength to challenge someone above his level.

"Zen is so strong! Not only has he broken through to the middle stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm in just two years, he can also go head-to-head with a Life and Death Realm master!"

"Indeed, but you forget that Eddie is no

despite only being at the Virtual Tribulation Realm, but that was probably his limit. It's only understandable that he couldn't beat such a strong opponent."

The warriors were abuzz with their discussions.

But they all spoke too soon. Zen quickly reappeared on top of the pit. He shrugged his shoulders and patted away the dirt that settled onto his clothes. Granted, there was a bit of blood that trickled down from the corner of his mouth, but he treated it as if it was nothing. "It's just so-so," he sneered, smiling coldly at Eddie.

The discussions immediately halted once Zen made his reappearance. Everyone quickly realized how wrong their judgments were.

Eddie huffed at the cocky smile on Zen's face, "You're being stubborn! Take this then!"

Eddie roared and swung down his fists a second time. The giant, golden fist reappeared and quickly rushed down to crush Zen.

Zen was faster and wiser this time around. He did not let the fist land on him. Rather, he waved his hand and let his forceful energy rush out of his body. The starlight within him began to circulate and surge towards his hand.

"As I said, it's just so-so, but you don't know your own limits." He laughed coldly before punching towards the sky.

"Star shakes the earth!"


Zen's body transformed into a blinding ray of light that punched through Eddie's huge, golden fist, shattering it layer by layer.

The sight stunned Eddie and the next thing he knew, Zen was already in front of him.

"Now it's your turn to go down,"

Zen murmured as his fist came crashing down. Unlike him, Eddie did not possess an invulnerable body and would be smashed into meat paste if he got hit.

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