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   Chapter 1023 The Fight

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Zen clenched his fists tightly. Although he maintained a calm expression, he was abnormally excited.

When he was still in the Cloud Sect, Zen had already listed Eddie as someone he had to kill. Even if he managed to save Yan, he had to kill Eddie. Eddie had become such an obstacle to his cultivation, and the only way to remove that obstacle was to kill him.

He had waited for so long, and finally, the day had come.

Zen moved quickly on his feet and stood on the edge of the city wall. As silently as an owl approaching its prey, he slowly floated towards the outside of the city wall. The more excited he was, the calmer his expression became.

Seeing Zen leave the city wall, Letitia called out, "Zen! Are you really willing to accept the challenge?"

Zen turned back and smiled at her. "Don't worry!" he said reassuringly, a bright smile on his face.

"But..." Letitia furrowed her brows and was about to speak when Zen suddenly said, "Don't worry, Tia. I will not die. I will come back safe and sound and marry you."

His voice was not loud, but many warriors of Cloud Hall were able to hear what he said clearly. Saint Morphens and a few other elders who knew of their situation couldn't help but have a knowing smile on their faces. As for the warriors at the Internal Elixir Realm who knew nothing, such as Rocher and Lewis, surprise colored their faces.

Lewis' eyes were wide open as he nudged Rocher with his elbow. "Rocher, did you hear what I heard?" he asked in utter disbelief.

Rocher's eyes were closed, fresh blood slowly seeping out of them. He had been using his Sword Eye to accumulate the power of the heavens over the past two days. Only by doing so would he be able to unleash the full might of his Sword Eye.

"Is it strange?"

he replied, a slight smile on his lips.

"Of course! It is really strange!" Lewis replied in a hushed tone, evidently scandalized by how Rocher was treating the whole thing as if it was normal.

Rocher chuckled and shook his head. Then, he explained, "It's not strange at all for Zen to do something like this."

As for Letitia, the moment she heard what Zen said in front of everyone, her face suddenly flushed red.

Zen already had his head turn towards where Eddie was. While his face was calm, his eyes were filled with determination. Using his life vitality, he said slowly and clearly, "Two years ago when I was still at the Illuminating Soul Realm, I warned you that you would only be spared if you let go of Yan. Unfortunately, you didn't grab that opportunity. Now your chance is gone!"

With that, Zen slowly drew out his sword from his space ring, and it started emitting a faint light. With the impressive sword fully in his hand, he waved it gently, and suddenly, a sword hum was transmitted. The hum was very soft and pleasant to hear.

"It's a top-grade sacred weapon!" Dillon suddenly shouted as his eye


He had been waiting for this battle for so many years. Because he came in with the sole goal of winning, he did not hold back every time he attacked. As he rushed towards Eddie at a high speed, he made sure that his sword was pointed towards Eddie's heart.

"No Move!"

His attack looked crooked as his target was Eddie's chest. There was nowhere else he wanted to stab Eddie but deep into his heart.

On the other hand, Eddie held the Nameless Saber horizontally. Zen's sword was a top-grade sacred weapon after all, and he was at a disadvantage. At the very least, he did not dare to use the Nameless Saber to block Zen's sword.


Eddie lightly touched Zen's long sword with his blade, and skillfully swung it away.

However, just as Eddie deflected Zen's sword, Zen said faintly, "That's going to be useless!"

His sword tip drew a circle in the air, and it continued to stab at Eddie's chest like a shadow. The "No Move" didn't mean Zen had no move. It was a move created by Zen—he would only perform a single move, but it would manifest a countless number of moves.

It was an unbreakable move!

When Eddie saw that he could not avoid Zen's sword attack, his face changed dramatically, and he quickly retreated.

Suddenly, a strange smile appeared on Zen's face as he gently raised the sword in his hand. The sword attack that originally looked normal suddenly underwent a tremendous change!

After Zen tried to stab Eddie with his sword, it was followed by a sharp sword radiance, extending the tip of the sword. Because of that, it continued shooting towards Eddie's chest. As Zen's No Move combined with all the other basic sword moves, he had already reached the stage where he could use his sword as freely as he wanted.

Eddie's expression changed once again, and his body became rigid. All of a sudden, he came to a halt. The sword radiance cut into his ribs, causing blood to spurt.

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