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   Chapter 1022 Challenging Zen

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The entire Oracle City was preparing for this decisive battle.

Every day hundreds of runes were sent from the Runic Tower and placed all over the city.

Every single warrior had stopped cultivating. As the time of battle approached, the air grew thicker. Cultivating would not change much, and they needed their focus on the right place.

Every day there were over a hundred spies from the World Commercial Alliance returning from the front line. The Heavenly Evil Sect had chosen to attack Oracle City. This was not a surprise attack as they openly marched towards it. Eddie felt very confident in this battle and how easy it would be to destroy the entire Oracle City.

The warriors of Cloud Hall were also in Oracle City. If Letitia and Zen chose to stay in the Cloud Hall, it would be a headache for Eddie because he was unable to break the sect-protecting array. Eddie was glad that the Cloud Hall had chosen to join hands with the World Commercial Alliance, and he swore to himself that he would wipe out both sects in Oracle City.

If Eddie defeated the World Commercial Alliance and the Cloud Hall, there was no force in the entire Central Region that could stop him. All the other fourth-grade sects like the Mysterious Luna Hall, Black Mountain Sect, and Bloodwood Cliff, would have no other choice other than to surrender. Eddie had already planned to slaughter all of them.

"Report! The army of the Heavenly Evil Sect appears 1800 miles to the south of Oracle City!"

"Report! The army of the Heavenly Evil Sect appears 1, 000 miles away from the Oracle City!"

"Report! 600 miles away!"


The army of the Heavenly Evil Sect was slowly advancing and approaching Oracle City. With each closer mile, pressure grew within the World Commercial Alliance and the Cloud Hall.

In the past few days, Letitia had calmed down and recovered.

Zen and Letitia were deeply entangled and felt more in love than ever. He told her that his greatest wishes were to save his sister and marry Letitia in a grand ceremony. That was what he would do if he survived the battle ahead.

Letitia protested coquettishly, "I'm the leader of Cloud Hall and you are a mere disciple. People will laugh at us."

Zen never cared about what other people thought and he would marry Letitia despite him still being a disciple of Cloud Hall.

After returning to Oracle City, Letitia and Zen rarely saw each other as they were both busy. The elders of Cloud Hall felt relieved seeing Letitia alive and well. They needed her more than ever now that the battle was imminent. Their alliance was not as strong as the Heavenly Evil Sect. They needed their leader now more than ever.


le brat had already gained so much power. If Eddie could kill him, he would obtain whatever power that belonged to him. That was all he wished—to destroy Zen and become invincible.

"Zen! Do you dare to fight me now? I recall last time you ran away half across the Central Region for your life because you were too scared. Are you going to act like a coward this time too?" Eddie sneered at Zen. His body was covered in black aura.

It was quite common for the leaders of both armies to challenge each other before a battle began.

Even during a war among mortals, they would challenge each other. The leaders of both sides would fight and the morals of the victorious side would naturally rise, while the defeated side would have their morale plummet.

Eddie was now challenging Zen to fight.

After all, he was a warrior at the Life and Death Realm and he was considered the strongest in the Central Region. If he had to challenge someone, it should be Letitia or the Ancient Tycoon of the World Commercial Alliance that held a higher status.

But Zen was the one he wanted to challenge, fight and destroy.

The Ancient Tycoon opened his eyes and gently floated up from his chair. He then shouted to Eddie in an extremely hoarse voice, "The great number one warrior of the Central Region is actually challenging a junior. You are crossing the line. How about I play with you for a bit?"

Just like Zen and Eddie, the Ancient Tycoon's voice could be clearly heard by everyone across the Oracle City.

Letitia also floated up and smiled at Eddie. "Eddie, I am the leader of Cloud Hall, yet you are challenging a mere disciple. Aren't you afraid of losing your face?"

Eddie let out a cold snort. His eyes were like daggers as he glared at Zen and he asked, "Zen, do you dare?"

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