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   Chapter 1021 The Decisive Battle

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The Illuminating Soul Realm warriors were sitting straight and upright in rows. Even when there wasn't any trouble around, they were alert. So when Zen plummeted before them, the expressions on their faces changed drastically.

They didn't know much about him, but they were afraid of him. Even the three Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors, who had gathered the life vitality of over ten thousand Illuminating Soul Realm warriors, didn't stand a chance against him. How could the likes of them resist his powers then?

Besides, Darius had given out a strict order that no one was allowed to retreat without permission. They had to stay there even if they had to be killed. Those who violated such an order were to be executed without mercy.

When Zen moved rapidly downward, those Illuminating Soul Realm warriors were his targets of slaughter. Since he was too powerful, they were only like a bunch of ants in his eyes, ready to be crushed in one stomp of his feet.

Zen kept on attacking and killing those warriors in the River Wave City. Wherever he went, severed limbs and fresh blood flew in the air, forming a clear line of blood as if a giant picked up a paintbrush and drew one stroke of a shaky line using his red ink.

At first, those Illuminating Soul Realm warriors could still hold on. The deterrence of the Heavenly Evil Sect was still very strong for these independent warriors who had just joined the sect. However, as Zen continued to kill more of them, countless of malicious aura burst out of his body and those Illuminating Soul Realm warriors who were sitting still on the ground could no longer endure Zen's attack.

No one wanted to be killed by Zen like ants.

"That guy is mad!"

"If we stay here, we'll all die!"


In the beginning, there were only a few warriors who tried to run away. The supervisors on both sides brandished their sabers to prevent the warriors from escaping, and those who dared to flee were all killed by them.

However, more warriors decided to escape as time flew. Eventually, most of them shot out in every direction of the River Wave City.

Tens of thousands of Illuminating Soul Realm warriors scattered everywhere. Even Darius couldn't control them. He didn't have the ability to kill them all by himself.

Seeing as the situation had already gone amiss, the Internal Elixir Realm warriors in the middle layer didn't want to stay in their original place anymore. They also began to flee the city.

Those independent warriors did not have much loyalty, to begin with. The reason why they chose to join the Heavenly Evil Sect was that the Heavenly Evil Divine Kingdom had a lot of power and the warriors could get some benefit if the Heavenly Evil Divine Kingdom took control of the Central Region in the future. Ultimately, their lives were the most important.

If the warriors in the low layer didn't provide enough life vitality, how could the six Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors be able to catch Letitia?

The giant rune covering Letitia gradually dissipated. Then, Letitia slightly raised her hand, and bits of snow-white light condensed in her hand, quickly forming a large ice halberd.

loser and closer to each other. Then, Zen stretched out his hand towards her and pulled her into his embrace. "Stop being so stubborn," he whispered.

Letitia's petite body suddenly tensed up, and the rage that was filling up her head went away. Her pair of beautiful eyes were filled with tears, and then she nodded and uttered, "Okay."

They didn't say anything else, just silently embracing each other like that.

Three days later, Letitia finally returned to Oracle City.

The news about the River Wave City being destroyed by Letitia and Zen had already spread throughout the entire Oracle City. Since the start of the war with the Heavenly Evil Sect, the River Wave City had been difficult to attack as it was strategically located. Back then, the Oracle City's refusal to send troops to attack the River Wave City was based on various considerations, and the biggest scruple was that they were afraid that Eddie would directly fight a decisive battle with the allied forces of the Cloud Hall and the World Commercial Alliance.

Since the Heavenly Evil Sect had become more powerful at the time, both the Cloud Hall and the World Commercial Alliance were no match even if combined. Now, both sides were saving up their strengths for the battle.

However, just after the River Wave City had been attacked, the thing that the Oracle City members feared the most had happened at last.

As expected, Eddie indeed lost his patience. Enraged, he led the army of the Heavenly Evil Sect and rushed straight towards the Oracle City.

In the eyes of the World Commercial Alliance members, Eddie chose to take action at that particular time mainly because the River Wave City had already been destroyed.

What they did not know was that Eddie did so because of Zen. He wanted to take the secret away from Zen and possess it before Master Wallace crossed the Chaotic Ocean of Stars.

No matter what, the decisive battle that spanned over half of the Central Region was about to begin, and all the warriors in the Oracle City were about to engage themselves in it. The atmosphere turned heavier by the day.

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