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   Chapter 1020 As You Wish (Part Three)

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Letitia's heart trembled, and a strong feeling of regret sprouted in her heart.


Even if Letitia was hit by this attack, she wouldn't be able to escape without any kind of defense.

While she knew that Zen had an extraordinary physique and had already broken through to the Virtual Tribulation Realm, she wasn't sure if he could block such an attack.

"Do you really want to die because of a single sentence? Don't be so silly!" Letitia stared at the light, her face full of worry.

Not long after, the blazing white light slowly disappeared. Many of the martial artists' eyes were focused on it. Darius had a cold smile on his lips. He thought the man should have already turned to ash.

However, his expression immediately darkened the moment he saw that the warrior he tried to kill was still alive, unharmed.

"Am I stupid?" Zen asked, as he floated unharmed, with a smile on his face. He looked back and turned to where Letitia was.

As Zen was safe and sound, Letitia's anxious heart became fully at ease. However, her face darkened as she coldly said, "Well, you can go to hell!"

The life vitality of over ten thousand Illuminating Soul Realm warriors, when gathered together, would be exceedingly terrifying. Even if Zen had the body similar to a high-grade fairy weapon, he still wouldn't be able to resist such magnitude of power. If he had resisted the blow physically, he would have been seriously injured, if he didn't die.

However, before that power erupted, Zen had already circulated the power of the Space Law to float outside the space.

This was what made the Space Law invulnerable. The Space Law and the Time Law were the two most mysterious of all laws. It was true that contr

was in danger now.

However, at this critical juncture, he would not easily retreat, much less flee. River Wave City was a sturdy fortress, so he wouldn't leave it behind. Moreover, he knew that he couldn't outrun the head of Cloud Hall.

Right now, he could only fight as his life was on the line.


Darius quickly waved his banner, and the six Virtual Tribulation Realm elders also quickly changed their positions. While drawing life vitality to support the rune in the air, they were setting up another giant rune. The rune flashed and immediately shrouded in Zen's direction.

No matter what happened, Zen would not let Darius get what he wanted. He didn't stop at all but flew straight towards the Illuminating Soul Realm warriors at the bottom of the group. If they kept supporting those Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors above, this array would never be broken.

Zen knew how to break the array with a glance, and a sneer appeared on his face as he turned towards the Illuminating Soul Realm warriors. Since these independent warriors had chosen to join the Heavenly Evil Sect, then they must be ready to die at any time.

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