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   Chapter 1019 As You Wish (Part Two)

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"Sorry for what?" Letitia replied emotionlessly.

"I shouldn't have spoken to you like that," he replied back, his voice hush.

Letitia pursed her lips. The life vitality in her hand turned into a blue curtain of frost and ice, blocking her from the front. A raging inferno suddenly appeared in the rune and rushed towards her.

Despite the great power of the raging inferno, it was still unable to break through the wall of frost and ice that Letitia had created.

"There's nothing that you shouldn't have done. Don't men always do the right things?" Letitia said, her voice as cold as her powers.

A wry s


Rocher's eyes were tightly shut. He knew that Zen was facing great danger, which was why he was quick in gathering his strength. The power of the Sword Eye was terrifying, but it took a very long time to activate it.

On his sides, Patrick and Lewis were standing guard.

Despite wanting to do anything else, they couldn't as their strength was below his.


When the electric net reached its limit, it suddenly erupted, leaving a ball of incandescent light in its wake. As the light completely condensed, its momentum and might became comparable to the full force of a Life and Death Realm warrior.

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