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   Chapter 1018 As You Wish (Part One)

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Below the River Wave City, tens of thousands of Illuminating Soul Realm martial artists were sitting in a neat row and were releasing their life vitality as they maintained a meditative posture. They were all wearing the garbs of the Heavenly Evil Sect.

Many of them would occasionally take out low-grade life vitality crystals, crush them, absorb their life vitality, and then release it through their own bodies.

Above them, hundreds of Internal Elixir Realm martial artists were rapidly traveling back and forth. After being divided into groups, their life vitality would be gathered together and it would form several thick beams of life vitality that would then shoot upwards.

Above these Internal Elixir Realm martial artists, there were six Virtual Tribulation Realm martial artists in green who were setting up a giant rune using the beams of life vitality. In the middle of the rune, there was one person - Letitia.

No one in River Wave City could match Letitia.

If what happened had happened in the past, no sect would be able to bring Letitia down, even if they gathered all of their warriors to fight as a single unit. In that scenario, Letitia would be strong enough to slaughter all of the warriors in River Wave City all on her own.

But that was before. The Heavenly Evil Sect had developed an uncanny way to fight, and it had worked brilliantly for them. First, they would gather the life vitality of tens of thousands of Illuminating Soul Realm disciples in order to form a big array that could cover the sky. This big array would then be controlled by six Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors, and with that, they would trap their prey - Letitia, in this instance.

Despite being a warrior at the Life and Death Realm, Letitia couldn't break out of the bubble that was enclosing her. She continued to attack the rune, but she was already showing a trace of exhaustion on her face.

Every time she accumulated her life vitality, a horrifyingly cold energy would burst out of her body. Under the extreme cold, the rune that was trapping her would greatly dim.

Still, she would not be able to break through the rune. Despite that, no one from the Heavenly Evil Sect dared to underestimate her, and her strength as a Life and

ose of protecting him. Such a battle was not something that warriors of their level could get involved in.

As all of these were happening, Zen started slowly approaching River Wave City. At that time, he was only five or six miles away from the city. Slowly, he raised the message token and said in a low voice, "Tia, I see you."

While he was speaking, he was looking at Letitia who was still trapped by the rune. A burning attack was just launched against her and fortunately, she was able to dodge it. When she heard Zen's voice, her head jerked up, and she immediately looked towards his direction. Her face was pained, but she still did not say anything and just continued to attack the rune.

"I know you heard me," Zen said.

Indeed, Letitia had heard him, but she was just unwilling to talk to him.

"You don't want to talk to me? Well then, I'm leaving," Zen said half-jokingly.

But Letitia once again didn't reply. Instead, he saw that she was once again starting to attack the rune. Unfortunately, the rune looked very stable, and Letitia's attack did not harm it one bit. With an exasperated voice, Letitia suddenly replied, "Just leave. You're no longer a disciple of Cloud Hall. My life or death has nothing to do with you."

Upon hearing Letitia's words, Zen couldn't help but sigh. 'This woman is really stubborn, ' he said to himself. His anger was slowly brewing inside him, but he thought for a while and calmed himself down. With a deep breath, he said, "I'm sorry, Tia."

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