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   Chapter 1017 River Wave City

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Eddie was very sure of Master Wallace's origins.

There was a vast continent on the other side of the Chaotic Ocean of Stars. On this continent, there used to be seven divine kingdoms along with a few other races.

Compared to this continent, the Central Region was only a large island.

Three of the seven divine kingdoms had been destroyed in the past in a war with the Dragon Lineage Human. Now, only four divine kingdoms remained.

Master Wallace came from the York Divine Kingdom. The Holy Maiden who they had met in Immortal Mist's celestial tomb came from the same kingdom.

After their last trip to the celestial tomb, Elder Gong, the warrior at the Life and Death Realm from the York Divine Kingdom, had fulfilled his promise and given Simon the internal version of the Scripture of Five Poisons. During the past two years, Simon had spent most of his time cultivating it.

As for the Holy Maiden, although she had vowed in the celestial tomb that she would lead the warriors of the divine kingdom to wipe out the Central Region, she hadn't.

After all, it was extremely difficult to pass through the Chaotic Ocean of Stars.

This was due to the abnormally violent Star Storm that had been hanging above the Chaotic Ocean of Stars since many years ago. The Sky Northern Region and the four divine kingdoms were separated by this storm.

According to Master Wallace, although the storm continued, it would subside with each passing year. Once the Star Storm weakened, the Holy Maiden would set off to flatten the Sky Northern Region.

In this case, Eddie and the York Divine Kingdom were not on the same side. With Eddie's personality, he would never be willing to become just a vassal. His ambitions extended beyond the Central Region. In fact, he even thought nothing of the four divine kingdoms. He was destined to step onto a higher level.

He could only work with the York Divine Kingdom temporarily and take what he needed. He had obtained a lot of benefits from this kingdom, so, of course, he wouldn't refuse their help.

Eddie had speculated that there was a huge secret hidden within Zen's body. The problem was that Zen was too cunning. The last time he had cornered Zen in the Dreamy Swampland, he had managed to escape. What was even more infuriating was that he had even taken away Margaret.

After that, Eddie and Simon had worked together to wipe out the Ethereal Spirit Sect and had sent people to the Cloud Hall to get Margaret by exchanging Xander. Eddie had thought that this would be a cinch and that the Cloud Hall would be willing to do so. After all, Xander was the leader of Ethereal Spirit

city around here?" he inquired.

Rocher approached Zen with a strange look on his face. "To the southeast is River Wave City, but that is the Heavenly Evil Sect's stronghold. A large number of its forces are gathered there. The place is easy to hold but hard to attack, so the alliance doesn't have any plans to take down River Wave City at the moment."

The territories belonging to the alliance and the Heavenly Evil Sect crisscrossed. River Wave City was one of the Heavenly Evil Sect's territories and had the strongest army. It was an extremely important outpost of the Heavenly Evil Sect. It was said that Darius, the Heavenly Evil Sect's military counselor, was in River Wave City.

Zen's eyes lit up at Rocher's description. "She is there!"

Zen transformed into a beam of light and dashed towards River Wave City.

"Boss, what's going on?" Lewis shrugged his shoulders.

"Follow him!" Rocher and Patrick sped ahead without a word. Right now, they had unconditional trust in Zen.

Zen was flying high in the sky and simultaneously trying to communicate with Letitia using the token, but she didn't say a word.




"Will you say something?"

No matter what Zen said, Letitia turned a deaf ear to him.

This only worried Zen further. Who knew what unwise choices she would make driven by fury?

So what if she was at the Life and Death Realm? Eddie had the support of the four divine kingdoms, and the Cloud Hall could not contend with their methods. Even warriors at the Life and Death Realm were nothing in front of the divine kingdoms.

After covering a distance of over sixty to seventy miles, Zen stared at River Wave City in front of him. Immediately, a menacing rage burst forth from his eyes.

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