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   Chapter 1016 A Big Secret

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Zen had no idea how this boy was projecting his soul into this small city with a population of only a few hundred thousand.

When he thought of the strange scene that occurred in this city and the Spirit Container that the boy had mentioned, Zen guessed that he must have controlled the souls of these people.

Not only was this method unimaginable, it was also extremely cruel.

There had been wars among the sects in the Central Region before. When a war broke out, it would involve millions of warriors and many lives were lost. However, not many mortals would be a part of it.

On the one hand, it was easy to kill mortals as they had zero combat strength compared to warriors. On the other hand, killing so many mortals for no reason would bring far too much malicious aura. Thus, the gains were not worth it.

Moreover, mortals were the foundation of the Central Region and countless talents were born from them. They were the cornerstone of the Central Region's development. The Sea God Continent had the Tower of Sin where warriors could cultivate, but the Central Region had no such place for cultivation. Therefore, warriors would normally not kill mortals.

If it weren't for the Heavenly Evil Sect, it was possible that one or two sacred places might appear in the Central Region in another hundred years. And in another thousand years, there might be a seventh-grade sacred place and several warriors at the Soul Sea Realm.

However, this time, the Heavenly Evil Sect had crossed the line. They didn't care about the consequences.

Seeing the boy drilling into his mind, Zen did not resist at all. Instead, he allowed him to crawl into his mind.

"Have you given up on resisting? The warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm in the Central Region are too weak. Not only are you weak physically, but your souls are fragile too!" sneered the boy. The other warriors who he had killed earlier had at least tried to resist, but Zen wasn't doing anything at all. This convinced him that Zen's soul was weaker than those warriors'.

Zen's soul floated in his mind, emitting an emerald green light. It had almost reached the Jasper Fighting Soul Realm, but the cyan dragon advised him to stop training his soul. Once the soul seed was ready, his soul would merge with it and he would be able to break through to the Jasper Fighting Soul Realm.

Making the soul seed seemed to be a very complicated task. Even with the cyan dragon's expertise, progress was incredibly slow.

Even though Zen had sto

n the mirror.

The face that appeared in the mirror was that of the boy.

"Master Wallace! What's the matter with you?"

"Master Wallace! Wait a moment. I'll go get the Lord!"

The warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm in the hall left in a hurry. Master Wallace was behaving very strangely. Even if he was just projecting a soul in the mirror, the warriors were scared of being around him. They tried to escape under the pretense of looking for Eddie.

Eddie appeared in the hall shortly.

He had a strange expression when he saw the crack in the mirror. He cupped his hands and asked the boy in the mirror, "Master Wallace, what's wrong?"

"Humph! The strand of my soul that was projected in Melody City was devoured by someone," Master Wallace said abrasively.

Eddie was surprised. He immediately asked, "Although it was just a projection of your soul, it still possessed the strength of the Fighting Soul Realm. Who in the Central Region could have the power to devour your soul?"

"This person's soul is incomparably powerful. And I've also discovered a big secret!" said the boy with a sneer.

"Really? What secret did you find?" Eddie was eager to know.

"There's no need for you to know. When the Star Storm ends, I will personally come to the Sky Northern Region. Leave that young man to me!" The boy smiled wickedly. His face gradually faded.

Master Wallace's message made Eddie gloomy. It was not like he couldn't guess who Master Wallace was referring to. There was only one person in the young generation of the Central Region whose soul was so strong—Zen!

But he couldn't solve the mystery of the secret that Master Wallace spoke of.

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