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   Chapter 1015 The Spirit Container (Part Two)

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This was the case wherein the upper-level warriors of Oracle City had to fight against the lower-level warriors of the Heavenly Evil Sect.

All Internal Elixir Realm warriors and Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors were separated into small teams. Each team moved in batches, raiding the Heavenly Evil Sect's army and constantly trying to prevent them from total invasion and occupation. This strategy had been decided jointly by the Cloud Hall and the World Commercial Alliance.

The method had proved very effective, in the beginning. The Heavenly Evil Sect was still in the stage of saving-up their strength so no upper-level warriors could be sent out to counterattack.

However, recent events had seen more of the Cloud Hall and the World Commercial Alliance's forces being decimated in greater numbers. Many of those who perished were at the middle and even late stages of the Virtual Tribulation Realm.

While on his way to accept a mission, Zen coincidentally bumped into Rocher and the others.

Rocher, Patrick, and Lewis had just finished a mission issued to them half a month ago and were on their way of accepting a new one.

Thus, at Zen's request, the four of them naturally formed a team.

Lewis was very happy that they had Zen in their team. He still remembered how brave and remarkable the young man had been in the past.

All three of them had long since agreed that Zen's strength was already equal to that of a Life and Death Realm warrior. With a talent like that in their team, they knew that any difficulties they would face out in the field would be solved very easily. In short, there was a higher probability of survival in their team. Such thought pleased them very much.

"Now that Zen has joined us, we have to change our team name! I think we should call it Red Maple Team!"

Lewis declared with a smile.

Rocher, however, did not really agree and sent him a cold glare, "It's an awful name."

"Awful? How is this possible? Well, if you don't like it, we can call it… Lewis Team!" he suggested once again with a grin.

But Rocher shook his head in disappointment. "That's even more terrible!"

The four of them were currently flying at a low altitude but Zen slowed down and interrupted the brewing argument. "How about Eudemon Team?" he suggested.

"Eudemon... It's a good name!" Patrick said, nodding his head in agreement. The word meant guardian angel and benevolent spirit. Lewis, however, was a bit unhappy, "The name is too strange. I don't understand it at all and it's not as great as the ones I came up with..."

Before he could finish, he heard a loud 'whoosh' sound behind him. Rocher had drawn out his sword which made Lewis immediately shut his mouth.

Three days later, the newly formed Eudemon Team arrived at a place one thousand four hundred miles to the east of Oracle City.

The Heavenly Evil Sect had initially expanded from the east and invaded most of the northeastern area. However, the siege of Ethereal City effectively made them the main occ

tage Virtual Tribulation Realm warrior with the cage I set up in Melody City!"

a loud, sharp voice remarked.

It was the voice of a child, probably three or four years old.

"Who are you?" Zen asked, staring up at the blue enchanted barrier with caution.

Not long after, a faint figure materialized hazily on top of the barrier. It had the outline of a person but it didn't feel like one. Zen could only guess that what he was seeing in front of him was a soul, or rather, the projection of a soul.

It was a skill that even Zen had never seen before in the Sea God Continent.

Of course, within the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place, Lavender had used a similar technique to talk to the Demon Night queen from the Upper World. However, that happened beyond the scope of the Sea God Continent.

"Who are you?" Zen repeated. "Answer me!"

The hazy figure grew clearer and revealed a small boy with tender skin and an incredibly cute face. However, his appearance did not match with the sheer cruelty that emanated from his eyes.

"You don't need to know who I am. Once you enter my Spirit Container, you will just have to die, just like those guys," the child spoke viciously but his face looked extremely innocent.

"The Spirit Container?" Zen asked calmly.

The boy nodded and smiled coldly, "I don't mind telling you. If I gather the soul power of several hundred thousand mortals in this small city, I can project my soul! And I have the Fighting Soul!"

Zen quickly ruminated from the boy's words. It seemed that most of the Virtual Tribulation Realm elders who died in the war had been killed by this boy whose Fighting Soul made it difficult for even Life and Death Realm masters to resist him.

"You're not from the Central Region, right?" Zen suddenly asked.

The boy snorted, "Does it matter? Just go die. Then I'll tell you!" The boy gave Zen one of his cold smiles before suddenly rushing into his mind. He obviously wanted to use his Fighting Soul to directly exterminate Zen's soul.

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