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   Chapter 1014 The Spirit Container (Part One)

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Before Dillon could stop the two of them from fighting, it was already too late. Zen was already bursting with rage.

Fernandez had initially told Zen to take the wiser route of coaxing a woman first to please her but his quick temper rendered the advice useless.

Zen did initially plan to persuade Letitia but she did not listen and even said a few scathing words that made him really angry.

Letitia sneered upon seeing the morose look on his face, "What's the matter? Am I not right?"

"Right? Right!" Zen exclaimed, forcing a cold smile on his face, "What you said is right! You may be the supreme leader of Cloud Hall. But from now on, I am no longer a member of Cloud Hall!"

There was a collective gasp from Zen's declaration. The situation had now deteriorated to such a horrible state with a fight brewing between Zen and Letitia.

Owen figured that he didn't really have a say in this issue so he chose to remain quiet by the corner. Zen's actions stunned him. He couldn't believe that the young man actually dared to speak to the Cloud Hall's leader in such a rude manner.

Letitia scoffed at Zen's words. "You're no longer a member? Do you think it's that easy? Do you think the Cloud Hall is a place you can come and go as you please? Those who leave without permission will be chased down by the entirety of Cloud Hall's forces!"

It was at this point that Dillon, Hobbes, and Haber physically formed a human barrier between the two. Dillon even made a "hush" gesture that signaled Zen to stop talking.

Of course, the young man refused to give in. "I'd like to see just how the Cloud Hall will chase me down and kill me!"

As soon as he said those words, Letitia's face crumpled up in sadness. Her eyes were evidently full of tears but, instead of prolonging her quarrel with Zen, she suddenly released her life vitality and turned into a flash of light that flew out of the Oracle City.



Her sudden departure greatly worried the elders. Although her injuries were not severe, she would still need to stay in Oracle City to recuperate her health for a few days. Morphens was quick to transform into a streak of light to chase after Letitia.

Zen, on the other hand, only snorted angrily before leaving the hall in a huff. Margaret, of course, followed clo

She couldn't really solve the problem for him nor make him feel better. She just wasn't that important or close to him.

After the two days, Zen registered himself into the World Commercial Alliance. He immediately accepted the task assigned to him and quickly formed himself a small team. Afterwards, he left Margaret in Oracle City and headed towards the east.

The Heavenly Evil Sect was slowly expanding, from east to west.

According to the experiences of other sects, the strategy for a sect war would often be like this: lower-level warriors from both sides would usually fight first and one side would often gain a slight advantage. Once the scales tipped slightly towards one side, the middle-level warriors would be sent out, and eventually the upper-level warriors. Once the best had come out for last, the sect war would not last long and would end with a decisive victory.

There was also something called "lightning war" wherein all the sect masters would come out in the beginning and directly behead the top warriors of the other sect, thereby ending the battle quickly.

All sorts of tricks and tactics were also employed for these wars.

However, with the Heavenly Evil Sect, everything was different.

Firstly, they made use of this type of weird fighting technique wherein they did not even send out their upper-level warriors to take part in the battle. Only the lower-level warriors were sent out and they would be enough to suppress the allied forces of the Cloud Hall and the World Commercial Alliance.

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