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   Chapter 1013 You're My Subject

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Everyone's eyes were on Zen, especially the three leaders Dillon, Hobbes and Haber.

Zen had reached the Virtual Tribulation Realm and while this was a great boost to Cloud Hall's combat powers, his rune skills were far superior to his strength. Naturally, everyone felt that Zen should join the Runic Tower.

Everyone believed that Zen would have no reason to refuse. The World Commercial Alliance might need him to fight against the Heavenly Evil Sect and even Zen needed to rely on them to fight Eddie.

But Zen's answer was unexpected. He shook his head and said, "Mr. Shi, I'm very sorry. I can't enter the Runic Tower right now."

"But why?" asked a somewhat baffled Dillon.

"Right now, I don't have enough time to set up an array," Zen said, shaking his head.

He drew divine textures, not runes. The amount of time he had spent and the things he had gone through far exceeded the requirements of an ordinary rune. Back then, he had spent almost two months setting up the Small Circulation Killing Array for Cloud Hall.

Cloud Hall was only one-tenth of the size of Cloudy City, while Oracle City was more than three times the size of the Cloudy City. There simply wasn't enough time to set up a protective array around the vast Oracle City.

"But don't worry. I will join the fight," he added.

It was time for him to put an end to the conflict between him and Eddie. But before that, he still had something to worry about. He had not received any news from Yan since the last Martial Arts Contest.

Eddie had wanted to take Margaret, so Zen assumed that Yan would still be all right. But where was she now? Where was Eddie hiding her? Zen had no idea at all.

Dillon knew that he couldn't change Zen's mind. Back then, the boy was able to fight the warriors at the Internal Elixir Realm when he was at the Illuminating Soul Realm. He had crossed an entire realm! And now Zen had reached the middle stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm. Would he be able to cross a realm to fight against a master at the Life and Death Realm?

If he could do this, then it meant that he had become much stronger than Dillon and the other leaders.

"Zen, since you have made your choice, I won't force you. You can form a team with the others and follow the army's orders," Dillon said with a smile.

Zen nodded and left for registration.

Just as Zen was leaving the meeting hall, he saw a white figure shooting down from above, like a meteor, directly smashing

happy requires that you woo her the right way", echoed in his head. But what should he say?

"What are you doing?" Letitia looked up and held his gaze, her beautiful eyes shooting daggers at him. She had killed many people recently, so she was tainted with many malicious auras.

However, apart from the malicious aura, there was a trace of panic in her eyes.

Dillon, Hobbes, Haber, and the people from Cloud Hall were all looking expectantly at Zen. It would be amazing if Zen was able to persuade her not to leave the Oracle City again. They wondered how he would do it.

"Tia, don't be stubborn," Zen said gently, while staring at her earnestly.

His words left the warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm in the meeting hall speechless.

Zen didn't think of himself as an outsider, nor did he regard Letitia as the leader.

His words calmed Letitia, but out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Margaret behind him. As she saw the faintly discernible expression on Margaret's face, the warmth in her heart was immediately replaced with anger. She yelled reproachfully, "What did you call me? How dare you call me Tia? I am the leader of Cloud Hall and you are a member, and so you're my subject! Zen, you should know your place!"

Watching the drama unfold before him, Dillon could sense that things weren't going right. He wasn't from Cloud Hall, so he didn't know much about the relationship shared by Letitia and Zen. Although the elders of the Cloud Hall knew everything, they couldn't possibly publicize it outside. Morphens couldn't tell Dillon that Letitia acted willfully because she was jealous.

Dillon rushed to mediate.

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