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   Chapter 1012 Twenty Percent More Chance Of Winning

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In terms of geography, the Chaotic Ocean of Stars was an impassable natural moat but the divine kingdoms had a much longer history than the Central Region, and there were innumerable cultivators among them who were capable of crossing the Chaotic Ocean of Stars.

One thing was clear from Zen's journey to the Immortal Mist's celestial tomb that even Life and Death Realm experts, who were top-level cultivators in the Central Region, were merely qualified to be followers of the Holy Maiden and the prince in the divine kingdom.

If the divine kingdoms had truly intervened, then who in the Central Region could take on the Heavenly Evil Sect?

Zen had a somber expression. "Did you draw this conclusion by yourself?" he inquired.

Owen shook his head. "Almost everyone in the commercial alliance agrees with this. And so does the leader of Cloud Hall," he informed.

"Our leader? Is she in the Oracle City?" Zen asked, hope flickering in his eyes.

Hearing this, Margaret immediately turned to him with interest, and a faint smile appeared on her face. Zen, who was talking with Owen, didn't notice her expression.

Owen, on the other hand, was curious. "How come you don't know about the movements of the Cloud Hall, Zen?" he asked.

Owen thought that Zen was a core member of the Cloud Hall. However, he had no idea about the pact between Cloud Hall and the World Commercial Alliance to fight the Heavenly Evil Sect together. It was very strange.

Zen smiled in embarrassment. How could he explain the matter between him and Letitia to Owen? Besides, he didn't think that there was actually a conflict between him and Letitia. In fact, he couldn't figure out what was wrong. Letitia had suddenly become indifferent towards him for some unknown reasons, and he was at a loss as to what to do about it.

This time, the Cloud Hall had sent out all their elites, leaving only Zen behind. How could he take it easy?

However, after his previous interaction with Margaret, Zen had a vague understanding of how crazy women could be. Although he was annoyed by Letitia's actions, he didn't want to argue with her. After all, sometimes there was a communication gap between two genders.

Zen simply couldn't understand her attitude towards him.

"I was cultivating in seclusion all that time and was indeed unaware of this. Owen, please tell me more," Zen said, forcing a smile.

Owen replied gracefully, "The leader of the Cloud Hall didn't stay in the Oracle City. Recently, she has been quite active and has been killing warriors of the Heavenly Evil Sect. For that reason, she rarely returns to the Oracle City."

According to the original plan, the Cloud Hall and the World Commercial Alliance had joined hands to declare war on the Heavenly Evil Sect. As the only Life and Death Realm expert of the Cloud Hall, Letitia was supposed to stay put in the Oracle City.

Sooner or later, there would be a decisive battle between Oracle City and the Heavenly Evil Sect. The Life and Death R

larger than all the other sects. They had arranged those runes without worrying about the cost, and they were undoubtedly very powerful.

Zen followed Owen to the conference hall of the World Commercial Alliance's headquarters. When he entered, he saw many familiar faces. Besides Morphens and other elders of the Cloud Hall, the three heads of the World Commercial Alliance were also present. The Ancient Tycoon in the Oracle City, however, wasn't there.

"Zen! You're finally here!" Dillon exclaimed in surprise, his round face turning red with excitement.

"Mr. Shi, Mr. Yan, Mr. Mo," Zen bowed his head to greet them.

In fact, after the World Commercial Alliance heard the news that Zen had returned to the Cloud Hall, they had asked Letitia to summon Zen to the Oracle City many times. However, she had evaded them each time saying he was in a secluded cultivation. Although the two forces had allied with each other, Zen was actually a member of the Cloud Hall, so they couldn't intervene too much.

After exchanging pleasantries briefly, Dillon said, "Zen, now that you've come to the Oracle City, you'll cooperate with our World Commercial Alliance to fight Eddie, right?"

Dillon worded his request cleverly. He knew that the conflict between Zen and Eddie could not be resolved, so he didn't ask him to fight against the Heavenly Evil Sect but used Eddie's name instead.

Zen nodded tersely but replied firmly, "Of course."

"Then please proceed to the Runic Tower. With your help, I believe that our chances of defeating Eddie will increase by at least twenty percent!" Dillon said excitedly.

At least twenty percent...

Everyone was shocked by Dillon's words, but they quickly figured it out by themselves. If Zen could create an array that was stronger than the Cloud Hall's sect-protecting array, then, coupled with the strength of the World Commercial Alliance, their chance of winning would undoubtedly increase a lot.

The only question was whether Zen would agree.

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