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   Chapter 1010 The Power Behind the Heavenly Evil Sect (Part Two)

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Right now, things were at a standstill. It was as if both sides were cautiously keeping an eye on each other's movement, trying to sound out their opponent's intentions and next move. One of them would eventually lose patience, and once that happened, the final battle would commence.

"So Letitia is still in the Oracle City, right?" Zen asked.

Fernandez gave him no direct response and instead said earnestly, "Zen, the Cloud Hall needs you."

"I see," Zen replied. Now that things had come to this point, he didn't have any intentions of backing down. Letitia had gone too far this time. How could she not tell him about something as important as this?

"Our leader seems to be in a bad mood recently," Fernandez uttered.

Zen was surprised at the sudden comment, but he of course understood what Fernandez was hinting at. He smiled wryly, not knowing how to explain the whole thing to Fernandez.

Unexpectedly, Fernandez said, "It's normal for men to have several wives. Back in the day, I had more than twenty women. It is not so complicated, but keeping a woman happy requires that you woo her the right way." Fernandez could only freely speak these words to Zen in this circumstance. If Letitia was in the Cloud Hall, he never would have dared to say anything about this.

Zen was very astonished at his subtle advice. Fernandez, despite his old appearance now, must have been quite the charmer in his younger days.

For a warrior, having more than one wife was not uncommon of difficult. The status of a warrior in the Central Region was almost equivalent to that of an immortal. Even the poorest warrior would be a thousand times richer than an ordinary mortal. With this status, women naturally abounded around the warriors.

Fernandez left Zen with these words. Zen remained standing on the balcony, looking thoughtfully at the rolling clouds above the Cloud Hall. "Would a woman really become happy again after I please her?"

After some time, Zen returned to his room. He fou

t of the transmission array constantly flickered, transporting people to and from places. In a flash of white, Zen and Margaret finally appeared at the Oracle City.

There was a long queue of merchants lining up in front of the transmission array to leave the Oracle City. Suddenly, a beautiful man and woman appeared. The sight of them caught the attention of everyone around them as the people's eyes looked at them admiringly.


Before Zen and Margaret could step out of the transmission array, a voice rang out.

The voice sounded familiar, but it was a faint memory. Zen could not remember exactly to whom it belonged. He looked towards the source of the sound and saw a handsome young man looking at him with a smile.

His eyes widened as he finally put a face and name to the voice. "Owen?" It had been more than two years, but Zen would recognize the person in front of him with a single glance anywhere.

The young man was the divine-level talent from the Woollen Grassland. Zen and Owen had participated in the Martial Arts Contest with a goal that was surprisingly similar: both of them were trying to kill Marilyn to prevent Eddie from creating the Lustful Demon Array.

However, in the end, Owen had failed. He was defeated by Marilyn, and his loss cost him dearly. She almost destroyed his entire body.

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