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   Chapter 1009 The Power Behind the Heavenly Evil Sect (Part One)

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Zen left the training room with uneasy steps. There was less than the usual number of disciples in the Cloud Hall, but he didn't give it too much thought.

He never expected that not a single person in the entire Cloud Hall would inform him of the upcoming battle.

Of course, Margaret didn't know what was going on inside Zen's mind. The words she had just said set her cheeks aflame. She buried her head in Zen's chest, not even daring to look at him.

Then, Zen's warm fingers closed over hers as he took her hand and led her back to his room.

Back in the underground palace, they had been all too aware of the danger that was closing in on them. Eddie had been persistent in his pursuit, and the two of them did not have much time to enjoy the happy moment of their coupling. Tonight, however, safe within the walls of Cloud Hall, there would be no danger or interruptions.

They took as much as they gave—limbs entangling and lips leaving a trail of fire. Morning came and the flames had settled into a pleasant warm, blanketing them in the comfort of sleep.

The next day, the earlier uneasiness that Zen had felt had turned into a foreboding sense. There was something terribly wrong with the Cloud Hall. The halls and rooms echoed emptily as only a few souls were seen. It seemed as if the Cloud Hall had been deserted, and there were even fewer people now.

He wanted to ask Rocher and the other members about the situation, but discovered that they were nowhere to be found. Zen headed back to the meeting hall only to find it vacant. It was well past morning, and around this time, most of the elders would gather in the meeting hall to discuss important matters, but not a soul was here today. Zen's confusion grew with each empty room that he had run across.

He walked back outside and closed the door to the meeting hall. Just as he was about to turn away, he ran into Fernandez.

Fernandez was one of the elders of the Cloud Hall. His skin was wrinkled with age and his hair gleamed silver, but there was a sharpness to his eyes and a purpose to his movements. This time, he was the one who stayed behind.

With all the things happening all at once, several elders had to stay in the Cloud Hall and keep watch on the Small Circulation Killing Array. Eddie

among the smartest and most cunning, and they would not just sit still and wait for their deaths.

They took the first step in starting the war. The Heavenly Evil Sect had made no declarations of war, and so the World Commercial Alliance took it upon themselves to do so. Joining forces with the Cloud Hall had led to this turn of events: the two strongest sects in the Central Region had declared war on the Heavenly Evil Sect on the same day.

Thus it was the beginning of the biggest war between sects in the Central Region for the last thousand years.

Over a month after the declaration of war, both sides had earned victories and defeats. One moment, the Cloud Hall and the World Commercial Alliance would be celebrating their feats; the next moment, they would be on their knees with loss. The war was far from over. In the course of battle, the World Commercial Alliance had destroyed two outposts of the Heavenly Evil Sect, and the Heavenly Evil Sect was slowly advancing towards the central district.

Everyone in the Central Region understood that this would be a true and decisive battle, with the victor taking everything. Whoever won could hold the fate of the entire Central Region in their hands.

If Eddie won the war, the Central Region would be integrated into the divine kingdom. On the other hand, if the joint forces of the World Commercial Alliance and the Cloud Hall succeeded in defeating the Heavenly Evil Sect, a sacred place might be born. The war was one that would decide the future.

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