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   Chapter 1008 Leaving Zen Out

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Most of the elders gathered around the meeting hall, waiting for Letitia's arrival.

Before Letitia stepped into the meeting hall, a fierce cold wind blew in and the entire place suddenly became as cold as ice. The strong killing aura immediately enveloped everyone and the few elders couldn't help but feel flustered.

With a sullen face, Letitia walked in. The elders looked at each other, all of them confused as to why their leader was exasperated.

"What happened to her?"

"Who has ruffled her feathers?"

"Keep it down. She might hear us!"

It was obvious that she was in a terrible mood. No one dared speak up in fear of offending her. That was the last thing they all wanted.

Saint Morphens bowed to Letitia and then said, "Master Ning, every one is ready in the Cloud Hall. We can set off at any time."

"Okay," Letitia responded absent-mindedly.

Seeing her gloomy face, Saint Morphens couldn't help but remind her, "Master Ning, Zen is not here yet."

The elders stared at Letitia in unison to see how she would react to that.

Ever since Zen's return to the Cloud Hall, the elders had a new assessment of his strength. Although Zen was only at the primary stage of Virtual Tribulation Realm, he had easily killed Emanuel. His fighting capacity might have passed that of Morphens, making him an indispensable top fighter for the Cloud Hall.

Although the sect wars had involved billions of martial artists, it was usually those top masters with formidable strength that had the power to decide the outcome of a battle.

After a month of discussion, the Cloud Hall and the Oracle City finally reached an agreement. As the two strongest sects in the Central Region, they could not sit still and wait for death. They decided to join hands to fight against the Heavenly Evil Sect.

At first, Saint Morphens had planned to notify Zen about their moves, but Letitia told him that she wanted to do it herself. However, Letitia returned to the meeting hall with a murderous look on her face, and Zen was nowhere to be seen.

Everyone was confused about what was going on, especially Saint Morphens and the other elders.

"There's no need to bring him with us. Gather all the warriors at and above the level of Illuminating Soul Realm. We will set off!" Letitia roared, her aura detonating. The cultivation methods she had cultivated were already powerful, but after she stepped into the Life and Death Realm, her strength had undoubtedly increased by a mile. As they witnessed such surge of energy burst out from her, many of the elders felt a chill down their spine.

Up in the air right above the Cloud Hall, countless disciples had formed an army that then flew towards the Cloudy City below.

If one from the Cloudy City looked up, the person could see black dots falling from the sky. All of those dots were actually martial artists. It was a spectacular view for the commoners of Cloudy City.

"I heard that the Cloud Hall is out to battle!"

"Alas, the influence of the Heavenly Evil Sect has expanded rapidly! I think the Cloud Hall and the World Commercial Alliance are going to start the final counterattack

owers there. Originally, there were only a couple of them. Now, there were too many.

The number of flowers that had bloomed at the entrance of the practice room had increased to thirty-five.

One day, a strong aura suddenly erupted from the practice room. That particular room was top-level in the Cloud Hall. The partitions in the room were all made of special metal, but even those were unable to obstruct the aura in the slightest.

A smile found its way to Margaret's face. "Has he broken through? Will he come out today?"

Her now flushed face was full of hope as she gazed at the door. Thinking of what she had to say to Zen, she felt a bit embarrassed and hesitant.


The door to the practice room pushed open and Zen's figure flashed out with a faint smile on his face. At that moment, he had already stepped into the middle stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm.

"He did it! He broke through!" Margaret exclaimed, immediately standing up to walk over to Zen.

"Sorry for the wait! How long has it been since I entered the practice room?" Zen had completely lost track of time upon his entry into a meditative state in the practice room.

Margaret blinked and gently said, "Count these flowers and you'll know how many days have passed."

Zen's gaze swept across the flowers, and his expression changed when he got the number, "Thirty-five days. I've actually practiced in isolation for so long this time."

"It's alright," Margaret reassured. She put her black hair to the side and softly whispered in his ear, "Zen, can I stay at your place tonight?" As she spoke with utmost tenderness, her cheeks turned completely red.

Surprised for a moment, Zen nodded his head and disregarded his initial hesitation.

The two of them were still quite young. When Zen took her virginity energy away, it was both their first time. Inevitably, they both craved the warmth they gave each other when they made love. The reason why Zen hesitated for a bit was that he still kept Letitia in his heart. He still didn't know that she was no longer in the Cloud Hall. . . .

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