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   Chapter 1007 The Victor (Part Two)

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In the past few days, Letitia had announced that she was going into seclusion and refused to entertain outsiders. Normally, it wasn't a problem. Even ten years in secluded cultivation was normal. However, that was not the proper time. There was a war waging and the Cloud Hall couldn't afford to not have a leader at such time.

Saint Morphens was the person closest to Letitia, and at the same time, the one who understood her feelings the most.

Although Letitia was already the leader of Cloud Hall, Saint Morphens still treated her like a child. After all, he was a lot older than her. He knew her personality quite well, so he already figured that there was no way to persuade her. Apart from her talents, her headstrong personality made her the leader of Cloud Hall.

At the suggestion of many elders, Saint Morphens finally made up his mind and charged into the Ice Palace.

In the Ice Palace, there was blue-colored frost scattered everywhere—it was condensed from the life vitality released by Letitia when she was cultivating. While she was still at the Virtual Tribulation Realm, the frost did not have much effect on Saint Morphens. But now that she was at the Life and Death Realm, the frost released by her had become a great threat to him.

Thus, after entering the Ice Palace, Saint Morphens carefully avoided the constantly flowing energy. Not only that, but he also revolved his life vitality to resist the coldness in the Ice Palace.

When he bypassed the layers of frost and found Letitia, he didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the situation that unfolded before him. She had actually fallen asleep there.

When a warrior reached that certain level, they rarely fell asleep from exhaustion. They only relaxed t

art, they were just a transmission array away.

A month had passed. It seemed like the longest month to ever happen.

As Letitia floated out of her Ice Palace, she chanced by Margaret. Her gaze accidentally fell upon her.

The young lady was sitting by the door of Zen's cultivation room, cupping her face with one hand while staring at the door. She looked dazed.

"Margaret is my woman!" Those words lingered in Letitia's ears. A part of her refused to believe that such words came out of Zen's mouth.

Letitia's face sank; envy could be seen in her eyes. If she could let go of her identity as the leader of Cloud Hall and wait for Zen like Margaret did, she would feel very happy.

At that moment, Margaret felt eyes on her from above. Slowly raising her head, she saw Letitia floating by not too far away from her.

As the two women's gazes met, Margaret blinked and smiled at Letitia, revealing her white teeth to her.

Upset, Letitia just snorted to herself and flew away. What a lost cause!

Meanwhile, Margaret turned her head back to look at Zen's cultivation room once again, her face revealing a faint smile—the smile of a victor.

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