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   Chapter 1006 The Victor (Part One)

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Many of the disciples of Cloud Hall amused themselves by discussing the matter. Most of them were green with envy. As they all walked past Margaret, they stole glances at her.

"Zen's the lucky guy, isn't he? In just a span of two years, his cultivation has advanced unbelievably. He even brought back such a pretty woman who's so fond of him!"

"Stop complaining! If you were as brilliant as Zen, you'd have successfully set up a sect-protecting array like this by now. Then, you'd have your own lady to love you, too!"

"Have you heard of the rumors? I heard that Zen and our sect leader also had a romantic past!"

"Keep dreaming! Do you think a proud woman like our sect leader will take a fancy to a man like Zen?"

"Come on! My source is pretty reliable compared to yours after all. This is something that an elder has personally confirmed. Things have been stiff between them lately though. It is said that it's because of Margaret."

News had spread out through different channels. For the well-informed warriors, such information wasn't so difficult to obtain. If the rumors were indeed true, what could Zen do to pacify two women on his own?


As Zen pushed the door open and made his way out of the cultivation room, his eyes swept across the crowd and then fell on Margaret, who was standing nearby, smiling at him.

Unlike Zen, Margaret wasn't known to be a cultivator that broke a sweat that much. She mostly relied on pills and various resources in reaching the Internal Elixir Realm. She didn't really spend much time on cultivation. The life she lived was rather sophisticated.

It was natural for warriors to dedicate all of their time on cultivation, for none of them wanted to fall behind. Even female warriors made sure of it. However, Margaret

uld still block the footsteps of the Heavenly Evil Divine Kingdom?

Right at that moment, the Heavenly Evil Divine Kingdom was slowly expanding to the center of the Central Region, swallowing up all of the mediocre second-grade and third-grade sects. How could the other less powerful sects resist? Almost without wasting a single soldier, the Heavenly Evil Divine Kingdom successfully won over the other sects. They all announced their attachment to the divine kingdom and became its vassal force.

As the situation became more and more critical, the pressure on the elders of the Cloud Hall became as intense. However, as the sect leader, Letitia was completely unaware. She didn't even leave her own Ice Palace.

"We can't let our leader go on like this. The Oracle City has already sent countless people over, but they can't even meet her."

"Right now, only the Cloud Hall and the World Commercial Alliance can fight against the Heavenly Evil Sect, but our leader has no reaction. What should we do?"

"Alas! Although our leader has outstanding strength, she is currently troubled by personal feelings. This is really troublesome. Morphens, how about you go and persuade her?"

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