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   Chapter 1005 Admit It

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To admit such a thing in public made Margaret's cheeks instantly blush.

The expression on the faces of the elders of Cloud Hall grew even weirder as they all turned to look at Zen.

Jacob and the rest were stunned. If Margaret was indeed telling the truth, then she would no longer have any value to Eddie.

"Ha-ha! Margaret Xi, in the Xi Clan's castle, you acted as if you were a holy virgin. I didn't expect that you had already fooled around with some loser." Since Margaret was no longer a virgin, Jacob's plan was naturally foiled. He felt extremely resentful. For the longest time he had boasted that he would not lose to any man, but this woman did not even bother to look at him!

"He's not some loser!" Margaret replied defensively as she stared at Jacob.

"Then who is he?" Letitia asked, curiosity getting the best of her.

Actually, this had nothing to do with her, and only had something to do with the Xi Clan and Ethereal Spirit Sect. So when Letitia decided to chime in and ask specifics, it made her look like a gossip.

However, Saint Morphens and the other elders of the Cloud Hall had already guessed that the man Margaret was talking about was most likely to be Zen, and that was the main reason why Letitia suddenly became so concerned about the topic.

But as for the Ethereal Spirit Sect's elders, they were still very confused as to what was happening. They looked at Letitia with strange expressions on their faces and thought, 'Why is this woman prying into something that doesn't involve her?'

At this point, Zen suddenly said openly, "It's me."

The moment he said that, the entire meeting room suddenly became silent. "Margaret is already my woman," he continued. "And because of that, I can't let you take her to Eddie."

Zen was not trying to hide the fact that it was him who took Margaret's virginity, but he was embarrassed to admit it in front of Letitia. However, since things had come to this point, he couldn't deny it any longer and he had to shoulder the consequences of what he had done to Margaret.

When Letitia heard Zen confess, she couldn't help but cast her eyes down, avoiding eye contact with him. Just last night, she was on the edge of spiraling into madness. Her face was already deathly pale then, but now, her face was completely devoid of color, as pale as death.

"Gentlemen, I think it's better if we adjourn this meeting. We still don't have a good way to save your sect leader, and I don't think we'll have one if we continue," Zen said.

Jacob gritted his teeth as he glared fiercely at Zen. As much as he wanted to, he could not take Margaret away forcefully, as he was on someone else's territory. The leader of Cloud Hall was here, and Zen's strength was also unfathomable. Taking Margaret away against Zen's will was simply a death wish.

Moreover, in this situation, even if he could take Margaret away, it wouldn't mean much as apparently, she was not a virgin anymore.

The warriors of the Ethereal Spirit Sect didn't linger for too long and quickly left.

After they left, the meeting hall immediately became silent.

Margaret lowered her head and slowly lea

pare to argue, she just drifted away quietly.

After she had left, the elders stroked their chests, sighed, and said, "This won't do. Let's find Morphens and have him talk to her! She needs some sense drilled into her!"

In comparison, Margaret was thriving and her days seemed to get better and better every day.

Although she couldn't help but feel sad when she thought of the things that happened in Ethereal City, in the end, she still found her home here. Even though she knew in her heart that Zen might not be that fond of her, she still treated him as her husband.

Because of this, Margaret was now like a completely different person. She wasn't thinking of things that would make her feel bad, and she even started going to Cloud Hall's market to purchase some rare ingredients. She would use Cloud Hall's kitchen to show off her exquisite culinary skills.

Truly, Margaret might be arrogant, but she was born in a noble family. Other than cultivating, she was also extremely proficient at playing zither, arranging flowers, conducting tea ceremonies, painting, and especially cooking.

In the past, she was the beloved daughter of the Xi Clan, and there were always many servants serving her. Now, she finally found a place to use her cooking skills. Every day, she would make exquisite dishes and wait for Zen outside the cultivation room.

However, Zen didn't cultivate for just one or two days. He would often go into closed-door training for five or six days without coming out. Margaret would eat some of the dishes that she had prepared, but the rest she still saved for him, until they eventually went bad. Even if she couldn't see him for several days, she didn't complain. She waited outside the cultivation room patiently, every day, with her delicious dishes.

Those cultivation rooms were also being used by many disciples of the Cloud Hall. Everyone who came and went watched her wait.

Besides the elders, all of the lower level warriors in the Cloud Hall had more or less known what she was doing here.

They all knew that Margaret was waiting for Zen every day.

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