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   Chapter 1003 The Bad News

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 10566

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When the life vitality was condensed at its maximum, it would slowly liquefy. For the Life and Death Realm warriors this was a very smooth process.

But tonight Letitia just couldn't get the hang of it. Her mind was distracted. She couldn't focus on her task so she kept failing.

It was very dangerous for her to cultivate in this state of mind. Anything could go wrong in the martial arts cultivation and she could get seriously injured. Most warriors would choose to stop cultivating under such circumstances until their minds were in the right place again.

However, Letitia was very persistent and while her mind was wandering she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen. She lost control of a strand of life vitality which suddenly charged up. As this small wisp of life vitality got out of control, it caused the rest of the life vitality in her belly to become erratic.

Letitia tried to calm herself down and stabilize her life vitality with slow and steady breathing. Unfortunately it was already too late.

The life vitality shot upwards uncontrollably, piercing through her elixir field.

She felt the taste of blood in her mouth.

She spat it out, realizing that if a wisp of life vitality had penetrated her elixir field it would cause damage to her belly. The elixir field was also the core and most fragile part of a warrior's body and it would still be severely destroyed even after being partly damaged.

Letitia tried to control the life vitality in her belly as she swallowed the pills. Slowly she started to feel better. The pills had taken effect but didn't change her complexion. Her face was still as pale as before.

Letitia decided to stop cultivating for a while because she was not able to focus on her tasks. She walked to the window and looked at the bright moon and noticed there were just a few stars in the sky. Suddenly, she noticed that one of the stars had a peculiar orange glow.

"What kind of star is that?" Letitia frowned. She could feel that the light from the star was coming from far away and was shooting towards the Cloud Hall. It seemed like someone in the Cloud Hall had triggered the power of the star. She wondered how this was possible. In astonishment she decided to get closer. Her body gently floated from ground and suddenly disappeared from the Ice Palace.

Zen did not overthink things like Letitia and Margaret. Right now he focused on releasing his perception into the universe to communicate with the stars. He had tried many times to communicate with the stars before but failed almost every time. On his first attempt however, he had been successful.

But failing for so many times had affected him.

Compared to other cultivation methods, the Transcendent Divine Might was much more difficult than he had imagined.

Tonight, Zen's consciousness successfully activated a star. It was a beautiful orange star. It irradiated a gentle and calming glow. Most importantly, it didn't resist Zen at all.

With every extra star activated, the power of the Stellar Body became stronger. There was still a gap between Zen's strength and Eddie's. Even though they hadn't fought eac


There were seven influential third-grade clans in the Ethereal City, namely the Lin Clan, the Huang Clan, the Chang Clan, the Xu Clan, the Xiao Clan, the Chen Clan, and the Xi Clan. The Xi Clan occupied a leading position among the top seven noble clans. Margaret didn't dare ask directly about the Xi Clan. It was too painful to even think about the destruction of the noblest clan.

Aware of what she meant, Morphens went straight to the point. "The Xi Clan has also been attacked. I've heard that the Xi Clan was their major target and that the Heavenly Evil Sect wouldn't rest until they were all gone. All members of the Xi Clan have been slaughtered, and the Xi clan's castle has been burnt to the ground!"

Margaret couldn't believe it. Her legs felt weak and she felt like she was about to faint after hearing Morphens' words. She knelt on the floor and stared in the distance with two glassy eyes. Streams of tears flowed down her face.

She never believed such a large Ethereal Spirit Sect could be attacked and destroyed so easily. In Margaret's eyes, her great-grandfather, Xander, was invincible. The Ethereal Spirit Sect had existed for tens of thousands of years and it was known as the Top Sect in the world. Now it had been completely destroyed. It was gone just like that.

The elders of the Cloud Hall couldn't help but shake their heads while seeing the miserable, helpless expression of that young lady. Suddenly Letitia also walked in the hall and coldly announced, "I just received news that a group of Xi Clan members is on its way to our Cloud Hall now."

"The Xi Clan? That means that there are survivors?" Hearing Letitia's words, Margaret felt hope again, and showed a glimmer of excitement in her eyes.

Letitia replied, "Yes. They will arrive today. I might need your cooperation this time."

"Cooperation? What do you mean?" Margaret asked again.

Letitia felt that her answer would be too cruel. So she decided to let Margaret face the facts and accept the situation when the time was right. She said flatly, "You will know as soon as they arrive here."

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