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   Chapter 1002 Being Jealous

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As a woman, Letitia was very sensitive about that sort of matter. It was a rather sore subject for her.

Looking at Margaret straight in the eyes gave her a glimpse of the truth.

Due to her engrossment in the Cloud Hall, she had not been able to make the time to talk to Zen comprehensibly. What had happened in the past two years? Why did he come back? What happened in Mist's celestial tomb?

After she was done with work, she planned to have a talk with Zen.

The young lady of the Xi Clan suddenly came to the Cloud Hall that time to look for Zen. Baffled, she wondered if something had happened between the two.

Some time ago, Letitia had heard about Margaret, the young lady of the Xi Clan, and even suggested that the Ethereal Spirit Sect get her married as soon as possible. The young lady had the Purple Power Body. So, if she was to be caught by Eddie, the consequences were grave. Even Yan could get in trouble under such circumstances.

How did she get acquainted with Zen? Did she follow him to the Cloud Hall?

Upon hearing Letitia's words, Margaret couldn't help but feel a little humiliated. Although she had a terrible temperament and was headstrong, she was a lady from a noble clan after all. Those kinds of things were embarrassing to be discussed in front of so many people.

The expression on Margaret's face added confusion to Letitia, who was already mentally guessing the kind of relationship the two had. In a low voice, Letitia spoke, "Remove the enchanted barrier and let her in!"

Under Letitia's command, the enchanted barrier in the Cloud Hall was instantly removed. After Margaret got inside, the enchanted barrier covered the Cloud Hall again.

The young lady flew straight towards Zen when she saw him.

Stunned at that certain moment, Zen had no clue how to react.

When they were in the underground palace, Zen had acted on his rage instead of being careful. Also, Eddie and Simon were nearby and very eager to find them. Zen was afraid Eddie might take Margaret away. If that happened, all hell could break loose. Ultimately, he chose to take away that woman's virginity energy instead.

Although Zen's intentions were reasonable, he was undeniably being unfair to Margaret.

Besides, it was inevitable for Margaret to be considered as the first woman in Zen's life.

Ignoring the glances she was getting from the others, Margaret floated over and leaned against Zen with her head lowered, almost like a child who had done something wrong.

When she witnessed such affection right before her, Letitia's face hardened. Anger filled her heart.

However, as the leader of the Cloud Hall, she did not dare express her jealousy. Letitia handled her emotions quite well. Forcefully, she suppressed her displeasur

The place that Zen had arranged for Margaret was quite decent. At least, it was much better compared to the living places of the other female disciples. However, Margaret still couldn't get used to it.

Ever since she was young, the environment of the place she had lived in for most of her life was always carefully selected, from the size, height and even the materials used for her bronze mirror that hung on the wall, up to the positioning of the bed and the materials of her pillows. Considering her current circumstance, she was being favored. However, it was still impossible for her to get some sleep.

Sitting upright on the bed, Margaret wrapped her arms around her knees, staring blankly at the dark sky outside the window. A smile suddenly appeared on her face. Even if she wasn't used to this sort of life, she was determined to endure for the sake of Zen.

This picky and stubborn young lady seemed to have found a great, noble reason for completing a difficult task.

If anyone else were to know that the somewhat simple and crude environment of the Cloud Hall actually caused Margaret to feel very morose and disappointed, they would be surprised.

On that very night, she was not the only one awake.

In the Ice Palace, Letitia continued reinforcing her cultivation base. Having just entered the Life and Death Realm, she needed some time to tend to her life vitality. Being in the Life and Death Realm could liquefy one's life vitality. Only after she reached the Soul Sea Realm was she able to have a space to transform her life vitality into the Soul Sea. By then, she could create a world inside her.

Although Letitia was cultivating in peace, she felt extremely agitated. From time to time, the words that Margaret uttered flashed through her mind.

She wondered if she had the right to ask Zen about Margaret.

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