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   Chapter 1001 What Brings You Here

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Margaret stared at the barrier in a daze as she floated outside of it. No one could decipher what she was thinking about.

"Bro, what are you dong? That chick is so beautiful. Why didn't you chat with her more?" the other guard asked when the guard who dealt with Margaret came back.

That guard only harrumphed at the remark. "Stop making fun of me. She came here looking for Zen. The thing is, it looks like she comes from a noble family, so I don't understand why she came here alone. I'm curious as what Zen has done to her that made her come to Cloud Hall without any backup."

"Hmnn... Should we inform Master Ning?" the other guard inquired.

"I think we should leave it for now. Master Ning has been busy these few days. We just need to watch the door and prevent anyone from entering Cloud Hall," a third guard said.

As these guards discussed what was happening with hushed voices, their gazes didn't leave Margaret. Standing guard for Cloud Hall was a tedious job, and they already considered it a treat to lay their eyes on such an elegant and stunning beauty as Margaret.

After a short while of having her head down, Margaret raised her head and waved her hand. A crack suddenly appeared in the sky, from which a huge sword quickly descended. It then slashed down towards the barrier of Cloud Hall.


As the huge sword landed on the barrier, an ear-splitting sound erupted. After that, a layer of ripples began to appear on the barrier of Light of Water.

"Holy shit!"

The guards were shocked by what just happened. They did not expect a beautiful lady like Margaret would be so daring and directly attack the barrier of Cloud Hall!

"What happened?" one guard exclaimed as he looked at the huge sword that struck the barrier. "This bitch doesn't know that the Cloud Hall is a fifth-grade sect!" By doing what she did, Margaret was only seeking death.

"Hey, you! Stop what you're doing! You do not want to cause any trouble here at Cloud Hall. Take that as an advice! Because if you continue what you're doing, you won't be able to leave even if you want to later!" a guard warned Margaret as he started readying himself for a fight.

But it was as if Margaret didn't hear any of what the guard said. Continuing her attack, ten cracks suddenly appeared in the sky and ten swords came out of them, each one slashing down towards the barrier.

Thump! Thump!

As the swords fell on the barrier like rainfall, their impact immediately increased tenfold. This time, not only did the noise scare the guards, it also alarmed the people who were in Cloud Hall.

Soon, two stewards at the Internal Elixir Realm rushed out from Cloud Hall's main entrance. With narrowed eyes, they looked at Margaret and asked, their tone scathing, "Who are you and why are you causing trouble here at Cloud Hall?"

Margaret stayed silent and just looked at them. This time, she summoned over a hundred huge swords. After another glance at the guards and the two warriors, she let the swords fall on the barrier.

Zen turned around and glared at the guards. Scared, the guards immediately explained the misunderstanding with an apologetic face, "Sir, we didn't know you were back. We thought you were still in a distant land, and so we told her that." The guards were more than scared. If the barrier of Cloud Hall had been destroyed because of this incident, they would be severely punished.

With that, Zen snorted. He then stared back at Margaret and asked, "What brings you here?"

The others were also curious. Why was this woman looking for Zen?

Margaret thought for a while and then shook her head. "I don't know either."

Morphens and the few elders looked at each other and tittered. They had lived for so many years and could roughly guess that Zen played the field outside, so the girl came after him. Not long ago, Morphens had witnessed a scene where Zen was hugging Letitia. He had no idea how things would end today.

Of course, the one who had to solve the problem definitely wasn't them, but Zen.

Letitia looked at Margaret, her face full of conflicting emotions. Then she asked, "Are you the young lady from the Xi Clan?"

Margaret summoned so many huge swords, just like Marilyn did when she confronted Zen a few years ago. So Letitia guessed that Margaret possessed a Purple Power Body. But then, she noted how she was only at the primary level of the Internal Elixir Realm, yet she could already summon so many swords. Obviously, she was much stronger than Marilyn.

Currently, there were only three Purple Power Bodies in the Central Region, two of which were in Eddie's hands. Since the third one was Xander's great-granddaughter, Letitia had made such a logical conclusion.

As Letitia had guessed her identity, Margaret nodded and said, "Yes, I am Margaret Xi."

She thought the others would show her respect once she made herself known. However, Letitia just looked at her with a weird expression and asked, "You don't know why you're looking for Zen, but why did you come to the Cloud Hall for him?"

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