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   Chapter 1000 I'm Here For Zen

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There were only three people in front of Zen—Rocher, Patrick and Lewis. Rocher was a swordsman, and he definitely wouldn't be able to use the pair of short swords. Patrick, on the other hand, didn't use a sword at all.

The only person who was suitable to use the pair of short swords was Lewis.

So how could he not be excited when he saw the pair of short swords?

Lewis was proudest of his movement skill. However, since his cultivation level was low, his movement skill could only be regarded as a method to run for his life if needed.

Possessing a pair of short swords like this would make up for his shortcoming in attack.

Zen smiled lightly and nodded towards Lewis.

Lewis' hands stretched out like lightning, and even before Zen had the opportunity to give the short swords to him, Lewis had taken them away. Zen and Patrick were amused by this reaction, while Rocher cast a reproachful glance at Lewis.

Patrick was the most composed out of them. He just wore a gentle smile on his face. His cultivation method was mainly focused on Buddhism. Back in the Cloud Sect, he was even more powerful than Rocher.

However, the Buddhist legacy was not flourishing. The famous Enlightened Heart Temple was barely a third-grade sect. Patrick could only rely on his comprehension to cultivate and because of that, his cultivation progress became slower than Rocher's.

Also because of his cultivation method, Patrick did not use a weapon. Because of that, what Zen had prepared for him was a defensive treasure, which was a low-grade sacred weapon. This defensive treasure, when paired with his Body in the Diamond-like State, would allow his defensive power to reach an extremely terrifying level.

However, even if each of them had a low-grade sacred weapon, they wouldn't dare to use it in front of others.

The Central Region was unlike the Sea God Continent. It lacked sacred weapons. Only warriors at the Life and Death Realm or at the late stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm were qualified to possess sacred weapons. And if they were to carry out missions with these sacred weapons, then the primary target of people with bad intentions would most likely be them.

While the four of them gathered at where they were, a beautiful woman slowly descended to Cloudy City.

Zen had left Margaret in Fire City before he went to Cloudy City. She hesitated for a long while before she finally decided to look for him.

She looked soft, like a woman who had never experienced anything hard in her life. Moreover, she didn't look like a warrior at all. But then, it was true that she didn't know much about the rules in the world of warriors, and because of that, she was frequently targeted by a lot of warriors.

If Margaret was still the old her, it would have been almost impossible for her to safely reach Cloudy City. But after she fully activated her Purple Power Body, her strength became extremely high.

The warriors who had set their eyes on Margaret were out of luck. Originally, they thought she was a weak woman, and even if she had a cultivation at the Internal Elixir Realm, they could s


"I...I'm here for Zen," Margaret timidly replied.

"Are you looking for Zen? Wait. Hasn't he disappeared for a long time? He is not here in Cloud Hall!" the guard replied.

Although Cloud Hall had been in an uproar for a while, only the middle and upper echelons were involved in it. The guard was just an ordinary warrior of the Cloud Hall, and so he was completely unaware that Zen had already returned. In the past two years, there had indeed been many warriors who had come to visit Zen, including people of the Runic Tower. The guard would dismiss them with the same reason.

"What? Zen is not here?" Margaret's expression changed as she frowned deeply.

Although Zen had been pursued by Eddie, he still chose to go back to Cloudy City. He had the opportunity to shake Eddie off, so no one else in the Central Region could block him. 'It is impossible that Zen hasn't returned to the Cloud Hall. This guard must be lying to me!'

Margaret thought. Her voice suddenly turned cold as she said, "Don't lie to me. Tell Zen to come out!" In her eyes, Zen had told the guard to say that he wasn't there mainly because he didn't want to see her. But she was wrong.

But, why did Margaret follow Zen all the way here?

Although she already hated Zen to death, she was still a traditional woman. She truly believed that Zen owed her, but at the same time, she didn't know what she wanted to get from Zen.

"I've already said it. Zen is missing and is not at Cloud Hall!" The guard was starting to get annoyed at Margaret. Even though she was at the Internal Elixir Realm, with the enchanted barrier blocking the way, he was not afraid of her at all. Even a warrior at the Life and Death Realm wouldn't be able to break the enchanted barrier.

Margaret slowly approached the enchanted barrier. With her expression dark, she shouted, "This is the last time I'll say this. Let Zen out! Tell him to come and see me!"

"Shut up, you crazy bitch! Go home! You're not going to see Zen here!" the guard shouted back as he turned around to return to Cloud Hall's entrance.

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