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   Chapter 999 Gifts

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Cloud Hall's main focus was to bring forth stronger warriors. Its income depended largely on the missions they gave out.

A portion of the rewards from the missions would go to the disciples who completed their tasks successfully, but the majority of the benefits acquired during the missions would be in the hands of Cloud Hall. However, despite Cloud Hall's steady completion of its missions, this method of earning money fell behind to that of the large clans.

The clans all had their own trades and businesses—some of which extended to mines, banks, escort agencies, and even brothels. The transmission arrays of the Cloudy City were under their jurisdiction as well. Anyone who used the transmission arrays had to pay a considerable sum of money.

On top of all this, there were tens of millions of mortals in the Cloudy City. The mortals could not compare with the warriors, and the money they traded with was usually gold and silver. However, if one gathered all of the gold and silver in the city, it would amount to an astronomical sum. Gold and silver could be exchanged into low-grade life vitality crystals, and then into mid-grade life vitality crystals, and would then fall into the hands of the clans.

These clans could not afford to take out 20, 000 supreme life vitality crystals in one go. Even Cloud Hall wouldn't be able to do it, but it didn't matter. Zen's plan was simple. The clans could agree to a contract of payment with Cloud Hall. Installments could also be arranged.

"Don't forget to pay the interest!" Zen said with a smile.

At his words, the leaders of the clans shifted in their spots, the corners of their mouths twitching. Letitia was already ruthless enough, and now here was Zen. The younger generation was terrifying. They had cultivated their skills in a pace that had never been seen before, and their talent and strength were more than formidable. And as if that wasn't enough, they were both merciless.

The clan leaders understood that it was the price they had to pay. They had risen up in rebellion against the Cloud Hall, but they had failed. This was the consequence of their failure. They had risked in a gamble, and it was time to pay the piper.

After some time of discussion, the clan leaders rushed back home to prepare the life vitality crystals. Zen, on the other hand, went straight to Cloud Hall. Until today, he did not have much time to meet up with Rocher and the others since he had been preoccupied with worrying about Letitia. Now that he had some time on his hands, he couldn't wait to see them and catch up.

In truth, Letitia wanted to stop Zen, but she merely swallowed her words and said nothing.

The dull and lifeless expression on the young woman's face did not escape Saint Morphens' notice. Letitia's eyes were absent and downcast, and her shoulders drooped like the petals of a wilting flower. He said nothing as he observed her discreetly. It wouldn't be wise for him to get involved in her personal issues.

The sound of laughter and cheerful chattering rose from a small pavilion in Cloud Hall. Zen, Rocher, Patrick, and Lewis gathered together in merriment. On the table were various delicious dishes, and wine flowed like a river. With their cultivation, they didn't need to worry about being intoxicated. Not even a hundred buckets of wine could make them dru

composed Patrick was not able to hide his shock.

"Zen, you aren't planning to give this sword to Rocher, are you? That would be too wasteful!" Lewis said quickly and thoughtlessly.

"What did you say?" Rocher barked at him as faint sword shadows congealed in his eyes.

In a flash, Lewis' figure disappeared from his original position, and he jumped behind Patrick. "I was telling the truth. A sacred weapon would be wasted on you! Why not give it to me instead, Zen?" he suggested.

"Zen, is this one of the gifts you were talking about?" Patrick asked with a cautious look on his face. He wondered how Zen could have gotten hold of such a precious item.

"This sword is for Rocher. It's only fitting for a good swordsman to wield a good sword," Zen explained. He was a swordsman himself, and so he understood the value of a good sword.

Rocher closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His eyes opened again and he looked at the long sword with his eyes burning with fervor and admiration. But then, he shook his head and tore his eyes away from the blade. "I can't accept this, Zen. A sacred weapon is too precious," he said in a controlled voice, as if his own refusal pained him.

Even Cloud Hall and the World Commercial Alliance only had one or two sacred weapons in their possession, and yet Zen was presenting him with one. His heart beat loudly in his chest as he marveled at the sword, but he couldn't accept the gift. It was too valuable.

Seeing the conflicted look in Rocher's eyes, Zen smiled and said, "Don't turn me down. Sacred weapons are priceless in your eyes, but I don't think so. I want you to have this, Rocher."

"You don't think so?" Lewis gaped at Zen, his jaw flung open so widely that it could fall to ground any time. "Zen, where have you been these past two years?"

Patrick also stared at Zen, speechless.

Zen took out a pair of short swords next. There were four short swords in total—twin swords were sheathed within two mother swords.

"This pair of short swords is also a low-grade sacred weapon." Zen glanced at Lewis after he finished speaking.

"It can't be...for me?" Lewis asked disbelievingly. His entire body began to tremble as he looked at the swords in Zen's hands.

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