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   Chapter 998 Pay In Installments

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As the head of Cloud Hall, Letitia already had possession of absolute control over it right after she reached the later stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm.

But being "head of the hall" was just a nominal title and really didn't mean much. Before being the true leader of Cloud Hall, she had to convince the elders, stewards, and disciples under it with her own strength.

Only Imogen was able to rank higher than her in terms of power.

Several noble clans had planned things well. They took advantage of the time when Letitia was undergoing her tribulations to make a move, which was nothing short of genius.

Because Letitia had chosen to undergo the tribulations at this time, the noble clans had mocked her endlessly as they were plotting against her. As she was still a young lady, although she was gifted with immense power, she wasn't able to figure out what the clans were thinking.

Unfortunately for them, Lady Luck was not on their side. Zen was able to show up right on time to save Cloud Hall and Letitia herself.

Now that Letitia had reached the Life and Death Realm, it would be hard for anyone, regardless of where they might come from, to rebel.

And because of this, the clan masters had mixed feelings. All of them were shocked by Letitia's sudden rise to power.

Letitia leaned forward slightly and started to descend. Her long feathers flapped behind her, and she looked like an icy phoenix coming down from the sky.

Behind her, Zen, Morphens, and the Virtual Tribulation Realm elders all left Cloud Hall one by one and flew towards the place where the warriors from different noble clans were floating in the air.

After some time, Letitia suddenly froze in mid-air. She stared coldly at the clan masters and said, her tone dangerous, "Emanuel has been executed. He's already dead. Now, I wonder how every one of you will explain the rebellion that you tried staging against me. Do not tell me you had no hand in it."

Cloud Hall floated above Cloudy City, protecting the steady progress of the noble clans. They used to complement each other, but now, they had become mortal enemies.

The clan masters stared at Letitia in a daze, speechless.

They had families to support, and many important things were involved and sacrificed in the name of their rebellion. If they were not absolutely sure about victory, they would not have tried to challenge Letitia. But after hearing what Letitia just said, they all had realized that the confidence they had felt towards their plan was just a joke.

"I know, the fact that I'm the head of Cloud Hall has always been a thorn in your tiny, tiny hearts," Letitia said. "But I want to say that Cloud Hall does not belong to any of you. It's an independent sect - a fifth-grade sect in Cloudy City!"

Somehow, in the eyes of these clans, Cloud Hall belonged to them. Indeed, in the early days of the Cloud Hall, they had contributed a lot to its development.

However, they had forgotten that they were not the only clans admitted

top-grade life vitality crystals. A supreme life vitality crystal was equal to a million low-grade life vitality crystals. That meant that a thousand supreme life vitality crystals were equal to one billion low-grade life vitality crystals!

In order to draw up their sect-protecting array, Cloud Hall had spent several thousand supreme life vitality crystals, which were almost half of their wealth as they had only had about 10, 000 supreme life vitality crystals.

But the four clans were different from Cloud Hall; they all had their own businesses. Under the protection of the Cloud Hall, every year, they would earn a great deal of money. If one person was worth a thousand supreme life vitality crystals, then over twenty Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors would cost more than 20, 000 supreme life vitality crystals.

Unfortunately, even if the four clans used up their wealth, it would still be very difficult for them to gather enough crystals.

"Master Ning, that would be too expensive! Our Wu Clan probably wouldn't be able to gather enough crystals," the master of the Wu Clan said with a bitter expression on his face.

Letitia sneered, "Well, I'm sorry about that. But if there's a will, there's a way. Think of how you can afford that, because if you fail to give me that," Letitia paused and looked directly at the master of the Wu Clan, "I will kill all of you!"

The clan masters exchanged looks. They didn't know what to say. Letitia's move seemed kind, but in fact, she just took this opportunity to collect all the savings that the four clans had accumulated over the years.

Money was important for warriors. If they didn't have it, it would be hard for them to survive.

Seeing the expressions on the clan masters' faces, Zen floated in front of Letitia, smiling. He then said to them, "If you don't have enough money, I have a way to help you."

"What's it?" The master of the Wu Clan asked as he stared at Zen.

Zen said with a chuckle, "You can pay in installments."

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