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   Chapter 997 Return To Cloudy City

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"Cloud Hall? What happened to Cloud Hall?" Letitia's eyes widened as she asked.

"You'll know when we get out," said Zen as he turned around and walked towards the entrance of the Ice Palace.

Letitia turned to look at Lavender, but Lavender gave her a meaningful stare in return. It seemed like the two easily understood what each other's look meant.

Lavender then turned back into a sword spirit and merged into Zen's body. Like a baby, she huddled herself inside him, her face full of disappointment.

The cyan dragon noticed this. Stealthily communicating with her, he asked, "Little girl, why the long face? What is bothering you?"

Lavender replied coldly, "Stop talking to me!"

With that, the cyan dragon could only let out an awkward smile. The red dragon, on the other hand, laughed out loud and said, "I guess our little girl has something on her mind."

"Don't call me 'little girl'. You two may be dragons, but you're not in any way older than me!" Lavender once again replied coldly.

She was almost a world lord in the Upper World. Moreover, as a queen of Demon Night, she was also the spirit totem of the race. Given her seniority, she understandably looked down upon the old dragons in Zen's mind.

As she knew what happened in the Genuine Dragon World, she knew everything about the origins of the nine dragons. They lived in Zen's mind, while she was Zen's sword spirit. All of them relied on Zen and never really offended each other.

But since Lavender was in a bad mood right now, she couldn't help but be a bit rude to them.

"Warriors don't use time to measure age. That's just what mortals would do. Now you're acting like a willful girl," the red dragon continued, as he curled his lips.

At this, Lavender decided to just close her eyes and not speak. Her feeling was still running high, and she didn't want to cause any more commotion.

Zen was not aware of what was happening in his body. There were many things in it, and they were making his body crowded. In addition to the nine dragons and Lavender, the black fire in the mysterious furnace also lived there. It also had its own consciousness, but it didn't have high intelligence.

Morphens and the two other Virtual Tribulation Realm elders were still waiting outside the Ice Palace. The scene before them had visibly frightened them.

Luckily, Letitia was alright, and it was enough to relieve them. As for the relationship between Letitia and Zen, there was no need for them to guess or ask. They just pretended that they didn't see what had happened.

It was a good thing that Letitia didn't know that Morphens and the rest had already entered, because if she did, she would definitely feel burdened.

After she walked out of the Ice Palace, she glanced at Morphens and said with urgency in her voice, "Morphens, Zen said that something happened in th

o were able to enter Cloud Hall were all deities who had been reborn and were worth everyone's worship. Also, Cloud Hall itself, as a divine place, was the most beautiful scenery in Cloudy City.

"Let's go up and meet them!" a warrior from the Fei Clan said with a laugh.

"Let's go!"

"But where is Emanuel? Don't tell me that he is too lazy to show up now that he has become the master of Cloud Hall."


A dozen figures flew towards the Cloud Hall. However, they suddenly felt a strong cold air envelop them halfway through their journey.

The cold air contained waves of killing intent that made their hearts palpitate. Fear suddenly was like sharp claws that grasped onto their hearts.

Even the dull mortals could feel a great power radiating from Cloud Hall.

On the edge of Cloud Hall, there was an independent platform, which extended through a stone pillar that was several feet wide. Letitia was standing on top of the platform. She was wearing a suit of armor made of mysterious ice which had the long feathers of the ice phoenix that were about thirty feet long. They hung down from her back to the bottom of the platform, swaying non-stop in the air, while her straight and well-proportioned legs were pressed together.

She looked coldly down at Cloudy City. At the same time, she released her aura, which was as cold as that of any male warrior.

"This is the aura of a Life and Death Realm warrior!"

"It's Letitia's aura. She has succeeded in breaking through to the Life and Death Realm!"

"Oh no! Did Emanuel fail? Or did he not make a move?"

To everyone, it was very clear that Emanuel had failed, since Letitia was still standing on top of Cloud Hall. Despite that, they still held on to a sliver of hope in their hearts that Emanuel hadn't made his move yet. It was this self-deceiving feeling that would arise every time someone was in the face of danger.

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