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Letitia was brought to the prestigious Cloud School many years ago. Since then, she had begun to practice the martial arts and grow in her strength. Carrying deep in her heart the hatred of having her entire family exterminated, she had never even cried.

The only belief that kept her striving forward was that when the day came, she would avenge her family's death.

Compared to Cloud Sect, the competition at Cloud School was even more intense.

This was understandable as the Cloud Sect was situated in a remote place. The people who had been competing with Zen were a few warriors from some clans. These so-called noble clans were not even worth a mention in the Central Region.

On the other hand, the disciples of Cloud School largely came from the various third-grade noble clans.The reason why Letitia was able to stand out at Cloud School had a lot to do with her outstanding talent, but more importantly, it was her perseverance which made her succeed.

When she first came to Cloud School, she had had no kin to turn to and had been all alone. At that time, she had only been a little girl, much younger than the other disciples. Furthermore, she was a stranger who hailed from another place, so she had been constantly ostracized by other members of the Cloud School.

However, her sheer willpower, grit, and determination had ensured that she worked hard to improve herself step by step. With no one to support her, she stood out from the crowd of the millions of Cloud School disciples. At the same time, she secured the first place in the Cloud Road test.

After entering Cloud Hall, she had become what one would describe as a dazzling star. She had come to be the disciple of Imogen, who passed her the Sutra of Empyrean Goddess. After dispersing her cultivation eight times, Letitia was finally able to become the leader of the Cloud Hall.

Letitia was not a particularly strong person. Deep down, she was still like a little girl. Still, she suppressed all of her grievances, fears, and bothersome emotions deep down in her heart, never unloading them in front of anyone.

Even in the face of death, she remained calm and composed.

Despite possessing this ability to restrain herself, as soon as she saw Zen appear in front of her, she could no longer hold back her feelings and burst into tears.

Back when everyone had been fighting for the Dragon Soar Arena, Letitia had fallen in love with Zen. This young man had encroached on her heart. However, at that time, Letitia had had a lot of misgivings in her heart that prevented her from facing her true feelings.

Afterward, she had lighted the enchanted lamp and entered the celestial tomb. Although she had obtained a lot of treasures within, Zen had somehow disappeared.

Only then did Letitia realize how important Zen was to her.

In the following two years, she had never heard from Zen even once. Letitia had sent people from Cloud Hall t

erently while the latter failed to contain the hostility in her eyes.

Letitia had watched Zen enter Cloud Hall and rise rapidly through the cultivation levels. She treated herself as Zen's leader, master, and guide. Moreover, she had fallen in love with him. When another strange woman suddenly appeared beside Zen, even if she was only his sword spirit, Letitia felt skeptical and vigilant.

Lavender was of a high stature, so she could see through things very clearly. After living for so many years, she knew more about human nature than both Zen and Letitia. Lavender simply smiled at Letitia's question. "Yes, I come from the Demon Night."

In the Central Region, there had once appeared ogres and demons, but no one ever encountered members of a race like the Demon Night. Letitia was understandably unfamiliar with them. Seeing the smile on Lavender's face, Letitia still felt displeased. "Why are you staying with Zen?" she asked her bluntly.

Lavender blinked, a trace of mischief flashing in her eyes. 'Since you like to suppress your feelings, I'll allow you to suppress them even more, ' Lavender thought. She giggled and said, "I'm Zen's sword spirit. We are originally one."

They were originally one...

The words sounded ambiguous, sounding as if Zen and Lavender were lovers. Before Zen had found a new body for Lavender, she had been in the form of the sword spirit, always residing within Zen's body.

Technichally, what Lavender said was the truth.

Letitia frowned and stared at Zen, obviously waiting for him to explain.

"Lavender, don't talk nonsense," he said. Then he turned to Letitia. "It's a long story about her. I'll explain it to you later. Right now, you still have to deal with the matters of Cloud Hall."

Cloud Hall had just faced a rebellion and Letitia still didn't know about it. Although Zen had suppressed the rebellion in time, Letitia was still required to decide on how to deal with the rebels.

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