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   Chapter 995 Letitia Survived

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Letitia slightly squinted her eyes. She felt a throbbing headache and her vision was blurry.

This happened every time one's soul had been injured. It was as if one was drunk and prone to hallucinations.

She could see Zen.

He was special to her and she missed him like never before. She realized she was hallucinating. She felt weak and like she was on the verge of death.

Letitia felt disappointed and regretted feeling so overconfident. She thought she could survive this life-and-death tribulation, but now it seemed that she wouldn't be able to do so. How could she be so stupid?

She wished she could see Zen again. The illusion of him made her feel warm and gave her a bit of strength.

After her being attacked by countless nightmares, illusions had formed in her mind. Those petals looked normal to others, but to her they were all strange beasts with various shapes and sizes. Zen was now in one of those nightmares.

Zen's figure appeared and quickly approached her.

Letitia extended her arms and hugged him.

Letitia had always thought highly of herself. She occupied a high status, much higher than Zen's. After all she was the master and owner of the Cloud Hall. However, even though she was at a higher level, she had always liked Zen since they were on the Cloud Road.

Right now she couldn't even bare to think about it. It was just the illusion of Zen. It was not the real him.

Zen was tall but not sturdy. With his training, he had grown one or two inches taller over the past two years, and surpassed Letitia by a full head.

All she wanted was to embrace Zen. As she reached for the illusion of him, a tragic and miserable smile appeared on her face. She would think of Zen as death came to her. His image comforted her even though she felt like she had done nothing good. The illusion of Zen was better than no Zen at all.

Zen saw that Letitia couldn't hold on any longer. As the fear of losing her came over him, he flew to her holding the Heavenly Fragment in his hand. As soon as he got to her, Letitia hugged him affectionately, leaving Zen awestruck.

Zen held Letitia in his arms and activated the Heavenly Fragment using the method that Lavender taught him.

She told him that this Heavenly Fragment was very special and had very unique features. It could absorb an enormous amount of life vitality. She also warned him against causing a large fluctuation. All he needed to do was apply enough life vitality for it to work.

As Zen injected a bit of life vitality into the Heavenly Fragment, it started to absorb those petals as greedily as a giant whale.

Lavender had also told Zen that the Heavenly Tribulation was induced by the Nature and that it could be easily absorbed by the Heavenly Fragment. The two opposing heavenly forces mutually reinforced

rs grasped someone's clothes. She was struck with confusion.

"Am I still alive?" she thought to herself.

She took a deep breath as if to make sure she could breathe. She opened her beautiful eyes abruptly and that was when she saw Zen's handsome face. She felt a rush coming over her and her whole body trembled.

Zen opened his eyes and saw her awake. He was sitting there and cultivating his martial arts. When he saw Letitia staring at him he felt relieved. He smiled and said, "You're awake!"

Letitia pursed her lips. She still couldn't believe what she was seeing. She was afraid Zen was still an illusion, and that him sitting beside her was not real.

She did not loathe illusions because at least illusions made her happy. She hoped that she could reach for him, even though it was just an illusion that she was staring at. Illusions lasted only for a moment and she wouldn't want to make him disappear.

"Say something." Zen said with a strange and worried expression on his face. Could it be that her soul had been damaged and her brain injured?

Letitia looked up at the enormous hole overhead. The clouds above were drifting slowly, sending dazzling rays of light. The morning air was mixed with a wild and chaotic energy from both Heaven and Earth.

It wasn't an illusion.

It was Zen. He had come back to her.

As she realized this, the corners of her mouth curled up. Her heart was filled with joy. She wanted to laugh loudly but her eyes suddenly turned red and she started crying compulsively.

Zen was confused. Why was she crying? She was alive. The life-and-death tribulation had ended and she survived it. She had grown even more powerful than before. Why was she crying? 'Is it possible that her brain was severely damaged?' he thought worriedly. Now she was laughing and crying at the same time. 'What the hell is wrong with her?'

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