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   Chapter 994 A Familiar Figure

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The cultivation on the soul level was the hardest for martial artists. Zen was able to cultivate his body and cinnabar field while attending to the cultivation of the soul at the same time. However, only a few martial artists could cultivate on multiple aspects at the same time as Zen did.

Compared to the ordinary warriors, Letitia's soul was stronger, but still far weaker than Zen's.

If only dozens of nightmares attacked her soul, Letitia could withstand them without question. Now, there were thousands before her eyes. How was she going to manage?

In just a matter of minutes, Letitia's face had turned as pale as paper. She also began to stagger sideways. Evidently, it became a struggle for her to resist.

"I think it's time to give her a hand!" Seeing Letitia's current situation, Zen's concern grew bigger inside his heart. If a warrior's soul was hurt, it could possibly cause irreversible damage to the warrior.

"Just wait for a while," Lavender said, discouraging Zen from making any hasty actions. "These nightmares may look like they're just here to attack her, but they also serve as a way to cultivate her. This could do her some good."

Warriors had to go through a lot of hardships and tests so they could grow, and Lavender clearly understood when exactly to stop so the damage could be avoided.

It was also known to Zen that Letitia must go through this process as well. As that saying went, "Too much caring and overthinking can confuse someone." Zen cared a little too much about Letitia and couldn't afford to see her get hurt.

Just as the petals were about to crash into Letitia, she suddenly took out a bronze-colored pill and swallowed it. Her face immediately flushed after taking the pill.

Before attempting to make it through the Life and Death Realm, Letitia had repeatedly told herself that her attempt to make the breakthrough could only be successful. There was no room for failure.

Now that the Heavenly Evil Sect had risen from the east and had become the biggest threat, the entire Central Region had fallen into chaos. Moreover, Imogen was facing a life and death crisis. So, she had no other choice but to go overseas to look for opportunities.

The search for her fortune could cause her death. Both Letitia and Imogen knew this. Before she left, Imogen had discussed important matters concerning the Cloud Hall with Letitia.

Upon her departure, she let out a heavy sigh for her worries about herself and Zen.

'If only Zen was still here…'

Ever since Zen had disappeared from Mist's celestial tomb, Letitia had gone to the Chaotic Ocean of Stars to search for him a few times, but to no avail.

However, she firmly believed that Zen didn't die and that he would one day return.

Two years had passed very quickly, but Zen was still nowhere to be found. There was no information about him in the entire Central Region. It was as if he had completely vanished into thin air. Even if Letitia knew in her heart that Zen was out there somewhere, she couldn't help but worry.

Now that Imogen had left the Central Region, Letitia had put all of her bets in one s

n the face of the life and death crisis was not on Letitia's list. Focusing all of her attention on fighting those petals, she had already forgotten about what was happening outside.

After Letitia swallowed the Soul-boosting Pill, the corrosive effect of the flower petals on her became weaker. She was on the verge of collapsing earlier that time, but with the help of the pill, her eyes lit up, and she lived through the attack of the flower petals.

During that certain moment, Letitia had already endured over a hundred nightmare attacks.

All of a sudden, the petals in front of her began to fall one by one, coming at her endlessly. She started to wonder whether or not she could really make it.

The flush that once appeared on Letitia's face had been replaced by paleness in just a matter of five minutes.

'I'm still unable to surpass this?' Letitia thought to herself. A trace of sadness was painted all over her face. She could already feel that the effects of the pill were starting to fade away while the petals continued to rain down on her in a consistent force and speed.

Of course, Letitia didn't fully comprehend how difficult it was to overcome the nightmare tribulation. She could only blame her strength for not being able to move forward successfully. 'I'm not strong enough for this, ' she mentally scolded herself.

As the nightmares continued to charge into her, Letitia gradually grew weaker. She felt as if her head was set in flames and could blow to smithereens at any given minute.

'Will I fail?' Letitia thought once more, being really hard on herself at that point. Sadness rested on her face. She knew exactly what could happen if she failed. It wasn't the depletion of their lifespan that killed most Life and Death Realm warriors in the Central Region, but the life and death crisis they went through. Death was just lurking around Letitia.

Suddenly, Letitia began to fall into a state of trance. Her surroundings grew dimmer. Struggling to blink her eyes for clarity, Letitia was almost certain that a familiar figure was before her.

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