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   Chapter 992 Undergoing The Heavenly Tribulation

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The lightning dragons circled around in the air and then slowly descended from the sky as if they were real. They effused blood-curling steam that engulfed the entire Cloud Hall.

After the internal conflict that happened, all of the warriors within the Cloud Hall were terror-stricken. The imposing momentum that they were experiencing at that moment gave the impression that the entire world was in a state of chaos.

"Our leader's life and death crisis is coming!"

"I wonder whether she can pull through!"

"If she is able to break through to the Life and Death Realm, it would be a celebration for our Cloud Hall!"

Those who had reached the Life and Death Realm were the most powerful masters among all the warriors, as the Life and Death Realm was the boundary between the strong masters and the ordinary warriors in the entire Central Region.

There were many Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors in the Central Region that guarded a handful of third-grade sects. However, there was almost no Life and Death Realm warrior in sight.

As long as a clan or sect was handled by a Life and Death Realm master, it could definitely enter the ranks of the fourth-grade sects. But there were only a few fourth-grade sects in the Central Region, such as the Cloud Hall, the Bloodwood Cliff, and the Mysterious Luna Hall.

The Bloodwood Cliff had a Life and Death Realm master back then, but he died while passing through the tribulation. Now, it became a struggle for the sect to cultivate a new Life and Death Realm master.

Life and Death Realm masters always had a great influence on their respective sects.

Ultimately, the grade of a sect was to be measured based on its overall strength and background. The strong warriors of that particular sect were regarded as the most straightforward excellence.

Raising his head, Zen looked at the white lightning dragons as they slowly flew down. He had a grave look on his face and so many thoughts ran through his head. Seeing as those dragons were quite terrifying, he wondered if Letitia stood a chance.

While Zen was worried about the situation, Lavender was not bothered. After all, she was used to that kind of scene. Glancing at Zen's hardened face, she smiled. "Don't worry about it too much. It is her decision to undergo the tribulation, so she must have prepared well for it."

Zen just nodded in response and then allowed his gaze to fall back on Letitia.

In the presence of the enormous dragons, Letitia's petite figure looked even smaller.

When the lightning dragons were only ten feet away from her head, Letitia suddenly stretched out her white hands, and a small jade card appeared in one of them.

As she gently flipped her jade card, countless ice phoenixes shot out from it. Suddenly, the cold light started to increase in intensity, and then spiraled upwards.

"What a pure Law Power!" A flash of light reflected on Zen's eyes as he followed the movement of the ice phoenixes.

The ice phoenixes


Surely enough, after Letitia had killed all those lightning dragons, a new surge of power and momentum began to spread throughout the sky.

The dark clouds slowly changed color, turning from black to crimson red. It was as if an incomparably massive flame was rolling and burning within the clouds.

Upon the appearance of that bright red cloud, a heat wave enveloped the vicinity. All of the warriors in the Cloud Hall felt it, and the heat wave caused a stir among them. They were all very alarmed.

"Will the descending flames burn the entire Cloud Hall?"

"I don't think our leader should undergo the tribulation in the Cloud Hall. This Heavenly Tribulation is too powerful. I'm afraid that after she passes through it, the entire Cloud Hall will be destroyed!"

"If she doesn't do it in the Cloud Hall, where else can she do such a thing?" The warriors outside watched closely like tigers eyeing their prey. If Letitia was to be targeted by the warriors from the Heavenly Evil Sect, then she could easily fail to break through the tribulation. Those little warriors could get so distracting.

Everyone in the Cloud Hall activated their life vitality, forming a thin layer of it to block the heat coming from the sky. They all took precaution.

The vigor of the fire cloud was immense and all of it was aimed at Letitia. The heat wave's effect on the Cloud Hall was only a segment of it.

This time, Zen did not say anything. What Lavender said was right, and he had indeed underestimated Letitia. After all, he had left Letitia for two years, so how could Zen know what had happened to Letitia in the past two years?

At that same time, the red cloud rolled downwards and dropped itself towards Letitia.

The expression on Letitia's face remained unchanged. She slightly flipped her finger, which not only prompted the activation of her jade card, but engaged her life vitality. When she gently pointed her finger upwards, the entire Ice Palace began to shake.

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