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   Chapter 991 Small Heavenly Tribulation

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Zen was not concerned about everything that was happening now. Both Patrick and Lewis were healing their wounds at that moment, so Zen decided not to disturb them. So instead, he walked up to Morphens and asked, "How's she?"

Morphens nodded at Zen and knew why he was worried. "She's fine," Morphens answered.

"Don't lie to me. If she's okay, why would those guys dare to act so boldly?" Zen questioned, his face doubtful of the answer he just got.

If Letitia was actually fine, Emanuel wouldn't dare to do this no matter what his motivations were. Zen was afraid that something wrong must have happened to Letitia.

It was only when he saw Zen's expression on his face that Morphens realized that Zen had misunderstood the situation. He quickly said, "She is experiencing a life-and-death tribulation, that's why these people were taking advantage of her!"

"A life-and-death tribulation?" Zen looked shocked as he asked, "What about Lady Yu?" Suddenly, at that moment, all Zen wanted to know was what Imogen was doing.

Even though Letitia was trying to break into the Life and Death Realm, Emanuel wouldn't do anything bold or rebellious if Imogen was there, guarding the Cloud Hall.

"She is out, seeking her own luck," Morphens replied lightly. Actually, Emanuel had tried to talk Letitia out of her decision about breaking into the Life and Death Realm at that moment. It would be difficult for Cloud Hall to deal with any possible threat or trouble if neither Letitia nor Imogen was there.

However, Letitia insisted on making a breakthrough at such a critical moment. Heavenly Evil Sect was becoming stronger every day. If she was able to successfully enter the Life and Death Realm, she might get herself a chance to fight against Eddie.

However, Letitia never expected Emanuel's rebellion. If Zen hadn't appeared at the right time, Emanuel might have already, with his people, broken into the Ice Palace and threatened Letitia's safety.

"I must go inside and check on her," Zen said, looking concerned and worried. Although he had never experienced the life and death tribulation before, he had been told that this experience was extremely dangerous and that the death rate was high. Those lesser warriors who rushed to get to the life and death tribulation had a high probability of dying there.

"But Zen... Miss Ning has specifically ordered that no one could enter the Ice Palace at this moment," Morphens replied seriously.

As a response Zen simply looked at Morphens and then slowly shook his head. Without looking back, he walked straight towards the Ice Palace. Morphens was about to pull Zen back but as he looked at Zen's disappearing figure, he began to hesitate. If Zen hadn't come to Letitia's rescue, Emanuel must have already broken into the Ice Palace and put Letitia's life in danger. Zen had earned his right to come inside and check on Letitia.

Dense icy mist had permeated every corner of the Ice Palace. Zen could barely see anything as he pushed open the doors leading to the inner part of the structure. He then used his magical eyes to see things that were not far away from him.

eafening thunders were heard, and black clouds gathered overhead.

"So, is the Small Heavenly Tribulation coming?" Zen asked, looking outside. The emergence of the thunder surprised him greatly.

Lavender nodded and replied, "Yes, this is one of the many anomalies before the Small Heavenly Tribulation descends."

"If the Small Heavenly Tribulation is so horrifying, what about the big one?" Zen asked, as what was happening outside continued to intimidate and scare him.

Lavender smiled and replied, "A strong warrior can endure nine Small Heavenly Tribulations, each one more terrifying than the last one. After this, warriors who get into the Soul Sea Realm have to confront the Big Heavenly Tribulations. As for their power," Lavender also started looking out and whispered. "It's unimaginable."

The Big Heavenly Tribulation was still far away from Zen, but the smaller one was approaching. As long as Zen continued to raise his cultivation and enter the top-level Virtual Tribulation Realm, he would face the Small Heavenly Tribulation soon.


At that moment, a dragon-shaped bolt of lightning struck the roof of the Ice Palace!

The Ice Palace had been built like a fortress, and its top floor was covered with thick ice spikes. However, the lightning, with its great force, was able to cause a large hole. Stones, ice cubes, and broken beams fell down.

Luckily, those things didn't hurt Letitia at all. Her eyes stayed closed, and cold air was suddenly coming out of her body. It was only moments away until the Small Heavenly Tribulation would fall on her body.

With her full attention to the incoming ordeal, she wasn't able to notice the presence of Zen in the Ice Palace.

Through the large hole in the ceiling, Zen cautiously stared at the dragons in the sky created by the lightning. With a deep breath he asked, "How can these dragons go through the enchanted barrier?"

The enchanted barrier called Light of Water was set outside of the Cloud Hall. However, it seemed to be incapable of stopping the electric dragons from coming into the palace.

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