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   Chapter 990 Bragging

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With his weapon broken by Zen, Emanuel's eyes flashed pleadingly as he continued, "Zen, I am an elder of Cloud Hall. Even I've committed a crime of rebellion, it shall be Letitia who will decide my fate. I…

I surrender! You can't kill me!"

His words made Zen hesitate.

Strictly speaking, what he said was true—Emanuel was the backbone among the elders of the Cloud Hall, making his status and position both higher than those of Zen. In fact, Zen was merely a disciple of the Cloud Hall without any promotions.

As long as Zen didn't kill him, Emanuel understood that he could use the influence of the Zhuo Clan to have Letitia spare his life at the very least. As long as he didn't die right there, he would have a chance at a comeback sooner or later. Who knew what the future held?

Many people in Cloud Hall were standing by the windows or at the corners of the buildings, watching the scene unfold in th

have suddenly become Zen's woman?

It was unbelievable.

Just then, Zen heard Lavender from behind him, "Hey, since when did Letitia become your woman?"

With a slight smile, he answered, "I was bragging."

The Ice Palace was situated at the highest point of the Cloud Hall. Although many of the elders at the Internal Elixir Realm hadn't left the place, they had already seen the outcome of the battle—Emanuel was cleanly defeated by Zen. The elders who had been part of the rebelling force completely gave up resisting.

The rebellious elders who were at the Virtual Tribulation Realm were weaker than Emanuel so if they were to resist, they would be courting death just as Emanuel did. All they could do was surrender obediently and wait for the Cloud Hall's punishment. Having the support of several big clans behind them, it was unlikely that they would be killed. Still, they couldn't escape punishment.

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