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   Chapter 989 Reverse Of The Situation

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Four Virtual Tribulation Realm cultivators attacked Zen at the same time, two of whom were at the middle stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm. This was proof of how wary they were of Zen.

Back when Zen was still in the Illuminating Soul Realm, he had already been able to defeat divine-level talents who had reached the Internal Elixir Realm. And now that he had stepped into the Virtual Tribulation Realm, nobody knew exactly how powerful he truly was.

But they thought that no matter how powerful Zen was, it would still be difficult for him to fight four Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors at once.

Morphens's expression changed when he saw the number of enemy warriors attacking Zen. He took a step forward as his body began to become translucent and was about to use the Mystical Pace to approach and help Zen when Emanuel thrust his spear at him suddenly, forcing him back.

Everyone's eyes were focused on Zen. Rocher, Patrick, and their companions were worried, and it showed on their faces. It didn't matter that Zen's cultivation base had risen magnificently in the last two years. They still thought that he wouldn't be able to fight four Virtual Tribulation Realm experts by himself.

On the other hand, Zen's eyes glittered with an excited confidence as he was surrounded by the four Virtual Tribulation Realm experts. His body became vague, like a mirage, constantly stretching and moving like a leaf creating ripples on water.

"Is that an illusion?"

"Is he using a bodily movement skill?"

The four Virtual Tribulation Realm cultivators found themselves thinking as they watched Zen in exasperation.

But since they had already made their moves and Zen hadn't dodged them or made a move, how could they let go of this opportunity and not attack him?

Different kinds of attacks rained down on Zen in the blink of an eye.

However, a strange scene played out before everyone's eyes. It looked like none of those attacks were touching Zen and he remained completely unharmed.

It did look like the warriors' swords and sabers were striking or stabbing Zen's body, but since Zen's body looked like something that didn't physically exist at the moment, they seemed to slice through thin air.

Morphens was fighting Emanuel but as he looked over in Zen's direction, his concern turned to amazement.

"He's applying Space Law! And it is the Space Law of a higher layer!" Morphens exclaimed, immensely surprised. He wondered rather excitedly, 'Where had Zen been these past two years? How did he achieve this?'

Emanuel, too, had his attention on the fight between Zen and the four other warriors. When he saw Zen's strange bodily movement skill, he was shocked beyond reason.

"How is this even possible?" Emanuel muttered disbelievingly. A bad premonition presented itself to Emanuel, telling him that he had probably underestimated Zen's strength yet again.

It felt like deja vu, because he had experienced this exact same feeling the very first time he had seen Zen.

At first, Emanuel had thought that Zen was just a lucky fellow who had ascended from the Cloud Sect. He had almost killed Zen when they had come face to face at the close of the Cloud Road.

But never had he thought that Letitia would

ns. But Zen's appearance had been unexpected and had thrown a spanner in the works.

As a member of the Cloud Hall, Emanuel was now clear about Zen's extraordinary talent.

It wouldn't be long before Zen would climb to the top of the martial world, and when that day came, no one in the Central Region would be able to match him.

Emanuel was not God. He had never calculated or even dreamed that Zen would return at such a crucial moment.

"Zen, spare me! Just this once! I will go into hiding and never enter Central Region again!" Emanuel begged for Zen's mercy as he dodged his attacks.

"I'm sorry but that's not possible. I had already planned to kill you but since you are an elder of the Cloud Hall, I thought it was improper for me to do that. But you forced yourself into this position and now, it's too late for you to beg for mercy," Zen said coldly as he traveled towards Emanuel, the distance between them decreasing each time he jumped.

"If you kill me, my Zhuo Family will definitely become an enemy of the Cloud Hall! All the noble clans of Cloudy City will act against Cloud Hall!" Emanuel threatened.

"You think all the noble clans in the Cloudy City will follow your Zhuo Family that's just a third-grade clan? In your dreams, perhaps!" Zen retorted. He was now only ten feet away from Emanuel.

"Then go to hell!" Now that he knew he couldn't escape, Emanuel suddenly turned around and pulled out a black spear from his space ring. He stabbed it at Zen as he yelled, "Sun Extinguishing Spear!"

The moment he thrust the spear, the tip began to glow so brightly that it felt like it could take away the radiance of the sun and the moon. Being an elder of the Cloud Hall meant that Emanuel was undoubtedly strong.

But Zen didn't even budge at Emanuel's full-blown attack. Instead, he sneered as he grabbed the tip of his spear with his bare hands. With just a push, Emanuel's top-grade fairy weapon bent and began to crack into pieces, an ode to Zen's great strength.

This was the last straw for Emanuel, his heart sinking into a bottomless abyss. The difference in his and Zen's strengths was much greater than he had imagined.

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