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   Chapter 988 Arrive At The Right Time

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Rocher's sword attack was originally meant to kill Emanuel and it wasn't going to be hard for him to do that.

Emanuel was the leader of the rebels, and it was him who had gathered all the third-grade clans in Cloudy City.

However, for some reason, the moment he made his move, Rocher changed his mind.

Even if he managed to kill Emanuel, it would not change the current situation too much. If Emanuel was killed, Rocher and his companions would still be unable to win the battle. The rebels could find someone else to replace Emanuel.

This was why Rocher had chosen to kill three warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm at such a tricky angle. And even after that massacre, the effect on the situation as a whole was negligible.

Saint Morphens and Emanuel were well matched in strength. The two of them, when engaged in battle, were fierce and swift, but the number of warriors on Emanuel's side was still much higher than those on Saint Morphens' side.

As for Patrick, Lewis, and all the other warriors at Internal Elixir Realm, they had no way of fighting against cultivators at the Virtual Tribulation Realm, and they lost the battle in the blink of an eye.


A warrior at the Virtual Tribulation Realm finally broke through the defense line. Holding a large, emerald green saber in his hand, he rushed furiously towards Rocher.

"Since you killed my brother, you are going to die too!"

Even before he had finished speaking, his saber had slid across and come down with a great might towards Rocher's neck.

Rocher lightly slid across the ground and the sword in his hand struck out once more.

Ding! The sword was easily blocked by Rocher's opponent.

Rocher's strongest move while practicing swordsmanship was the Heavenly Sword, and it had taken him a long time to accumulate the strength necessary to use it. Without this accumulation of strength, he was not a match for a warrior at the Virtual Tribulation Realm.

Just as the warrior blocked Rocher's sword, he suddenly turned around and threw a punch straight at Rocher's chest.


The fist landed heavily, and caused the victim's chest to cave in deep. His entire body was thrown backwards and he rolled on the ground for several rounds before slowly coming to a stop. As Rocher gasped for air lying on the ground, stubbornness could be seen in his eyes.

He had chosen to side with Letitia after discussing it with Patrick and Lewis.

The main reason why they had chosen that side was mainly because of Zen.

They knew the relationship between Zen and Letitia, and even though, at the beginning, the three of them were slightly hesitant, later on, even the usually timid Lewis had stepped forward to protect Letitia. There was no reason why Rocher and Patrick wouldn't do the same.

As for whether their choice was right or wrong, Rocher wasn't clear. Perhaps sometimes, warriors didn't have to rank their decisions by judging whether it would yield a profit or not. Perhaps somethings were jus

as safe and sound. Emanuel was confident that he would surely be the new leader of Cloud Hall. As long as he could stall Saint Morphens and wait for everyone else to clean up the warriors, he would be able to charge into the Ice Palace and kill Letitia.

If all his plans were being carried out in an orderly manner, the entire Cloud Hall would be his a few days later. With the protection of the Small Circulation Killing Array, even if he faced the Heavenly Evil Sect, he was not afraid. After becoming the leader of the Cloud Hall, he could use the resources of Cloud Hall to make a breakthrough. His future prospects were limitless!

It just so happened that at this critical moment, that damned Zen had actually come back!

Wasn't he supposed to be dead?

Although most people in the Cloud Hall believed that Zen wasn't dead, Emanuel was paranoid enough to believe that Zen would definitely be dead and that there was no possibility of him coming back.

How could Emanuel not be surprised when he saw Zen standing not far away and having reached the Virtual Tribulation Realm?

The expressions of the warriors of the third-grade clans also darkened. How were they going to deal with Zen?

"Humph, Zen! So what if you're back? You are only at the early stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm and that's nothing compared to my warriors. You seriously think you can turn the tables all by yourself? What a joke! Guys, let's go and kill him!" Emanuel ordered.

"Yes. He is just a warrior at the Virtual Tribulation Realm. He is no match for us!"

"Let's kill him together!"

Emanuel's words were very clever. The number of warriors on Letitia's side was far too small, not to mention that most of them were only at the Internal Elixir Realm. Even with Zen's help, the tables were not going to be turned.

Four warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm activated their life vitality at the same time. Their bodies flashed as they instantly surrounded Zen from four different directions.

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