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   Chapter 986 Scapegoat

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Cloud Hall had significantly risen in strength during the past few years. It was not just Letitia alone who had grown stronger, but Cloud Hall's martial artists had all steadily improved.

After it had set up the Small Circulation Killing Array, Cloud Hall was considered a quasi-fifth grade sect, though, in the eyes of the entire Central Region, it was already as good as a fifth-grade sect which could measure up to the Ethereal Spirit Sect. It was only a bit inferior to the Ethereal Spirit Sect in terms of history and legacy.

Once Letitia successfully made it through to the Life and Death Realm, Cloud Hall's status as a fifth-grade sect would be unshakeable. By then, by taking advantage of the soaring influence of Cloud Hall, Letitia might be able to develop the Cloud Hall into a sixth-grade sect, and also the first sacred place in the Central Region.

Unexpectedly, during a very critical moment for Letitia's breakthrough, a serious internal conflict arose within Cloud Hall.

It wasn't anything sudden. The seeds of internal strife within the sect had already been planted decades ago.

Cloud Hall was initially established through Cloud School's constant development and its alliance with several third-grade clans like the Zhuo Clan, Shen Clan, Fei Clan, and Wu Clan of the Cloudy City. Over the years, it eventually grew out of Cloud School and slowly developed to what it was today.

No matter how the Cloud Hall developed, the position of Cloud Hall's leader had always been taken up by the descendants of these several great clans.

Back then, Imogen had not come from any of these noble clans but was an extremely talented disciple of Iridescence Sect which was affiliated with Cloud Hall.

She was powerful, strong, and extremely talented. A few major clans in Cloudy City were a bit dissatisfied with her origins but could not really argue against Imogen's skills and competence.

It was different with Letitia. Although she was raised up in Cloud School, the origin of her birth made it pretty clear that she was an outsider. Moreover, there was no shortage of talents from the various big clans. Emanuel, for instance, had the strength and competency to vie for the position of leader.

However, Imogen passed the position down to Letitia which caused quite an uproar for the other large clans, especially the Zhuo Clan led by Emanuel.

Though they could admit that Letitia was more outstanding than Emanuel in certain areas, her leadership had brought about a great change to the sect that a lot of them didn't quite agree with. For example, her treatment of Zen was contested upon by many. It was only after Zen had built an indestructible sect-protecting array for the Cloud Hall that they shut up.

However, it wasn't enough. Those large noble clans were not as far-sighted as Imogen was. Even if Letitia brought many benefits to the Cloud Hall, they could not allow an outsider to take control of Cloud Hall.

Emanuel was the one who opposed Letitia

Laurie Fei could be considered as a master of defense in the Cloudy City. His Stupid Earth Cultivation, which was a perfect display of Earth Law, enabled him to diffuse enemy attacks dealt to his body and reroute it to the ground where the earth could bear the brunt of the damage.

He had used this Stupid Earth Cultivation to block the attacks that were launched from the Ice Palace. Even Saint Morphens' attacks failed to immobilize him.

Once he reached the square, Rocher immediately rushed forward and struck him with his sword.

Nobody expected that a disciple at the mere Internal Elixir Realm would be able to unleash such powerful strength!

Laurie Fei was madly channeling the Stupid Earth Cultivation to try and fight the sheer amount of force contained within Rocher's strike. It was so powerful that the force diffused into the ground managed to turn the earth within a hundred feet into fine powder. But he was still unable to break Rocher's strike.

In the end, Rocher's strike was too great and ended up killing Laurie Fei with a single strike.

This sheer demonstration of inhumane force was enough to scare all the warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm from charging towards the palace. Whoever dared would certainly die.

Thus, Emanuel could only occasionally attack the Ice Palace from afar, which could barely cause real harms.

"We can't keep on like this!" Emanuel screamed in frustration. He had initially planned to capture Letitia in the shortest time possible but his warriors refusing to storm the palace in fear of Rocher significantly prolonged things. If Letitia made it through to the Life and Death Realm then all his efforts would have been in vain.

"You!" he pointed at a Virtual Tribulation Realm warrior from the Shen Clan. "You go up there and take them on!"

As long as they forced Rocher to attack one person, Emanuel's forces could rush in and kill the rest of Letitia's supporters. To put it bluntly, what they needed was a scapegoat.

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