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   Chapter 985 The Internal Strife of Cloud Hall

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The warriors of Fire City could only stare at the scene before them.

A huge, gaping crater had been left behind by the giant swords. The crater itself was littered with multiple sword marks.

The miserable state of the three warriors at Internal Elixir Realm plunged the other warriors' hearts in fear.

As soon as the woman left, they all began to talk among themselves in hushed tones.

"That woman is so vicious!" one of them exclaimed. "She just cut these three mighty warriors into minced meat."

"Thank God I was able to run away. Otherwise I would've been killed as well. That woman looked soft and pretty, but she shouldn't be underestimated. Her ruthlessness is no joke."

"It's best if we don't get involved in this chaotic world."

During this time, Zen was approaching Cloudy City at an extremely high speed. He had been flying the whole day and night without a break, and had replenished his life vitality by using quite a lot of supreme life vitality crystals along the way.

Ever since his return from the Sea God Continent, Zen had wanted to return to Cloud Hall as soon as possible. He hadn't expected that he'd be delayed with the numerous troubles that arose along the way.

But that did not matter now. As the sun rose and painted the horizon with the colors of daybreak, Zen couldn't help but smile once he saw Cloudy City in front of him. After a long, arduous journey, he was finally back.

However, a trace of doubt crossed his features once he got close.


he muttered to himself when he saw the sky above Cloudy City completely empty.

Above Cloudy City, there used to be a huge floating rock which Cloud Hall was built on. This floating rock would change its location every now and then but only around Cloudy City's immediate vicinity. However, no matter where he looked, Zen couldn't find any trace of Cloud Hall.

It seemed that it had completely disappeared.

Had something happened?

Zen immediately flew towards Cloudy City, his brows furrowed in worry at the strange situation.

Before he left, Zen had set up a sect-protecting array around Cloud Hall. His array assured its impenetrability against the threat of strong opposing forces. Other than perhaps the Heavenly Evil Sect, Cloud Hall was virtually untouchable by the other sects.

The Heavenly Evil Sect currently had their hands full attacking the Ethereal Spirit Sect, so it was unlikely that the Cloud Hall would be besieged by Eddie's forces anytime soon. Besides, if the Cloud Hall had been in trouble, the members of the Xi Clan would've told him.

There was no point in speculation. As soon as Zen entered Cloudy City, he headed straight for the Cloud School.

Cloud School was one of the several sects under Cloud Hall. Its status was held in slightly higher regard than the Brum

was like a huge eggshell that surrounded Cloud Hall from top to bottom. Once Zen reached the core which was located at the bottom, all he needed to do was extend an arm and use a bit of energy to modify the array to create a break allowing him to easily slip through. Once he was inside, he directly rushed into the depths of Cloud Hall.

He could more or less guess what was currently happening.

It was quite obvious that the Cloud Hall was currently in a state of internal strife.

Cloud Hall's defenses could be considered the best out of all sects in the Central Region. Even the Heavenly Evil Sect would not be able to penetrate through the sect-protecting array Zen himself had set up. However, it was a different story if the threat came from within Cloud Hall itself.

After cultivating the Sutra of Empyrean Goddess, Letitia quickly recovered her full strength and, after practicing anew nine times, was finally ready to make a breakthrough to the Life and Death Realm.

Reaching the Life and Death Realm was not difficult for Letitia. What was difficult was the life and death crises that came with it.

Anyone who was able to enter the Life and Death Realm had to go through a few life and death crises whose difficulty varied from person to person.

The more potential a warrior had, the more powerful his strength and the harder his life and death crisis would be. Letitia's Sutra of Empyrean Goddess had been extremely troublesome to cultivate but led to her acquiring far greater strength than other warriors at the same level. After she reached the Life and Death Realm, her life and death crises were also going to be more terrifying than what any ordinary warrior would've faced.

It was at this critical juncture that the Zhuo Clan of Cloudy City joined forces with several third-grade clans and suddenly launched an attack against Cloud Hall.

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