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   Chapter 984 First Rank Purple Power Body

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The purple flames that erupted from Margaret's belly wrapped around her body, and then she began to fall down.

"Look! A giant fireball is falling from the sky!"

"Oh my god! It has smashed Wang's house!"

"There's someone inside the fireball. Is it a martial artist?"

Most of the people left in Fire City were ordinary mortals. The martial artists with higher cultivation had left the city to go with their respective sects.

For mortals, the war between different sects wasn't important to them. Even if the times had changed, they would have lived the same life. No matter who ruled this continent, he wouldn't make things difficult for mortals.

Somehow, Margaret had managed to smash a tile roof house. The fierce purple flames were still burning, making it impossible for the people outside to get close.

There were still some martial artists left in the city. Before long, three martial artists who had reached the nature level rushed over. But when they saw the purple flames, their expressions immediately changed.

The power of the purple fire was so daunting that they didn't dare to approach it. They could only watch as the flames continued to burn until the house was completely reduced to ashes.

"There's a person in the fire!"

"The purple flames can't even burn him. He must be a peerless powerhouse!"

"You're right. I wonder where he's from and why he came to our city."

Having only a fair amount of experience, the three martial artists didn't know what exactly was going on.

After a short period of coma, Margaret slowly woke up. After that, she entered a very strange state, and the talent of her Purple Power Body was quickly activated.

Those who had Purple Power Bodies could communicate with the Purple Power World. Furthermore, they could even cultivate in that place.

However, every Purple Power Body was activated at a different time. Back then, Marilyn forcibly activated her Purple Power Body with the secret method that Eddie sought for her sake, and she had also kept her virginity energy for Eddie.

On the contrary, Margaret activated her body after her virginity energy was taken, so the effects were completely different.

Although the Purple Power Body was rare, there were countless living creatures in the universe who possessed such. Several girls in the Central Region had Purple Power Bodies, so it meant that there were a considerable number of Purple Power Bodies in the entire universe. The Purple Power Body could be at one of six ranks.

The humans in the Upper World divided the six ranks according to their colors. They were light-purple, cyan-purple, red-purple, blue-purple, exact-purple, and black-purple.

Among them, black-purple was the highest rank, and light-purple was the lowest rank. Margaret's Purple Power Body was at the black-purple gr

ter if she's rude. I like rude girls!

When beauties are being rude, they look much prettier."

Hearing that, Margaret's eye twitched. The three martial artists suddenly felt a powerful wind blowing. Then, some dark shadows appeared in the sky.

As soon as they raised their heads, hundreds of giant ancient swords had emerged in the sky.

Each of these swords was several dozen feet long, hanging in the air as if they could fall down at any moment.

"What... What's going on?"

"Why are there so many swords in the sky? Where did they all come from?"

As Margaret cleared her throat loudly, the huge swords smashed down on the three martial artists at once.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The swords smashed into the ground, creating deep cracks. Fire City wasn't big, so when these swords crashed right through, it caused the entire city to shake. Those who didn't know what was happening thought it was just an earthquake that hit them.

The swords covered a vast area when they fell. The three martial artists wanted to dodge, but it was already too late. They didn't even have the time to scream. Death, a gory one, came after them really quickly.

With a smug look on her face, Margaret then flew into the sky. That was the first time she had ever killed fellow martial artists.

After Margaret flew high up in the sky, a trace of hesitation appeared on her face. She didn't know whether she should return to Ethereal City or go to Cloudy City. As she looked towards the direction where Zen had disappeared, a hint of grief appeared in her eyes. Eventually, she decided to fly to Cloudy City.

The experiences she had in the Purple Power World had allowed her to know her own potential and true strength. Unlike before, she now had a bit of confidence in her own abilities.

Despite everything that she had accomplished, she still didn't know what she genuinely wanted.

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