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   Chapter 983 Departure

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Under such circumstances, acting recklessly and shamelessly would only lead to bad consequences.

Zen did not even turn around as he strode forward. Lavender, on the other hand, held her spear in her hand and took a glance at Margaret.

As she was being stared at in such an outrageous way, Margaret looked as if she had been bitten by a venomous snake. Her face was contorted by pain and embarrassment. She quickly curled up and grabbed some clothes to hide her body from the prying stares. Even her servants had never seen her bosom before.

With a cold laugh, Lavender quickly caught up with Zen.

Despite them being in an underground palace, a sudden cold wind blew. It scared Margaret and so she hurried to put on Zen's spare clothes, which were the wrong size for her slender body.

The clothes were loosely wrapped around her waist and legs, but they fit her bosom tightly, which made her highly uncomfortable.

Lamenting the state of her clothes, it suddenly occurred to her that she had some spare clothes in her space ring. It was something that she had forgotten because of the panic that she had felt a while back. As she was about to get into those, however, she saw that both Zen and Lavender were leaving without waiting for her. They were already a long way from her, and so she clenched her teeth, ran forward, and tried to catch up with them instead of getting her clothes.

Zen didn't look back. He walked forward, along the paths in the underground palace. Lavender glanced at Zen, unbothered by Margaret. She had a mysterious smile on her face.

"What's wrong?" Zen asked out of curiosity.

"How are you feeling right now?" Lavender asked and smiled.

Zen hesitated for a moment and then replied, "I feel that my energy is flowing more smoothly in my belly. Also, my life vitality seems to have become much purer."

Lavender once again smiled strangely. This wasn't the answer she wanted to hear. Since Zen had just deflowered Margaret and had taken her virginity energy, his cultivation base was supposed to be greatly improved. As much as Lavender wanted to pry even more, she realized that Zen would be embarrassed if she kept asking questions. And with that, she decided to drop the topic and continue in silence.

This was how Lavender differed from Margaret. Having been a queen in the Upper World, Lavender had never been spoiled. She knew how to ask questions without embarrassing others.

She then shifted the conversation to Zen's body refinement and enhancement. "Two seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world," she started. "As for female and male, if one of them is missing, then no life form will exist. In fact, there are some really powerful, effective and secretive female-male dual cultivation methods in the Upper World."

"Dual cultivation methods? I was once told that they were dangerous and prohibited by the law." Zen asked with furrowed brows.

Lavender smiled faintly and replied, "You people from Central Region have created some laughable and different standards to judge those things you people consider dangerous and illegal, although they're not. But you know, right, wrong, legal, illegal, they make no difference in the universe. Moreover, this dual cultivation method encourages males and females to practice their ma

the Heavenly Evil Sect gradually and aggressively expanded its influence, each and every warrior living in the Fire City was worrying about their career and safety. Because of that, those sects started to move to the south, and so did half of the warriors in the city. Even some regular citizens moved with them, seeking shelters and protection.

Flying above the Fire City, Zen released Margaret's hand and said lightly, "We have to say goodbye here. Turn south, bypass the Dreamy Swampland and you'll get to Ethereal City."

During the high-speed flight, Margaret had been lying on Zen's back comfortably. Hearing Zen say goodbye to her, she was dumbfounded.

The war between Ethereal City and Heavenly Evil Sect wouldn't end easily. If Eddie failed to catch Zen, he would lead his warriors to attack Ethereal Spirit Sect again. The Septuplets of Ethereal Spirit were already killed. Although many warriors of the Virtual Tribulation Realm and Xander were still protecting the Ethereal Spirit Sect, the Sect-protecting Array wouldn't be good enough to resist the enemy attacks.

Would she be able to help anyone if she returned to the Ethereal Spirit Sect?

"I..." Margaret wanted to say something, but she stumbled over her words.

Zen cast a glance at her but kept silent. If Eddie had sensed that he had already left Dreamy Swampland, he might already be pursuing them right now. The way to Cloudy City was long and treacherous, and it would be inconvenient if he travelled with Margaret.

Amidst all these thoughts, Zen still said nothing. He just turned around and walked away from Margaret.

Margaret, floating in the air, looked at Zen's disappearing figure. She bit her lip so hard that it bled. However, she could feel nothing except her resentment towards Zen's coldness and ruthlessness. Finally, she got emotional, and an idea started to materialize in her mind.

She floated in the air for 5 minutes before she felt a fire burning in her stomach.


In mere seconds, some purple flames shot from her stomach and wrapped her inside.

Those purple flames didn't come from her life vitality, since her cultivation base had no fire attributes.

It turned out that those flames were from the Purple Power World.

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