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   Chapter 982 Conflicting Feelings

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Margaret was not expecting for things to come this far.

Ever since she was young, she had been thoroughly accomplished. She could play the lyre, she was good at chess, her calligraphy and painting skills were excellent, and her innate talent for martial arts could make a lot of warriors green with envy. Coupled with her ravishing looks, it was no surprise that men continuously fell at her feet.

Back in both the Ethereal City and Ethereal Spirit Sect, she was considered a lofty goddess whose holy presence was something ordinary people could only hope to bask in. Countless young, talented men had tried their hardest to curry her favor.

There used to be a heaven-level talent in the Ethereal Spirit Sect. To celebrate Margaret's birthday, he gathered sixteen Radiant Light Grass seeds from thousands of miles away to string into a bracelet as a gift for her.

Those seeds only existed on the snowy mountains of the far west and were extremely hard to collect. They would glow faintly day and night, which made them viable to be turned into an ingenious gift.

But in truth, people didn't just use Radiant Light Grass seeds as makeshift beads for a bracelet. They were extremely valuable and the cost could be compared to that of a fairy weapon.

Right after the young man presented Margaret with the bracelet, she immediately threw it on the ground as a show of blatant displeasure.

The clan elders could do nothing but helplessly smile at her actions. Everyone in the clan doted on her. She was Xander's descendant. Despite his fury, the heaven-level talent could do nothing but accept her rejection.

Margaret used to be filled to the brim with arrogance. She had never thought that the day would come whe

and, was already up. He quickly tidied himself and took out a loose set of clothes from his space ring. He tossed the clothes to Margaret and turned his head away to avoid looking at her.

His actions enraged Margaret. 'You've taken my virginity but now you're embarrassed to even look at me?' she thought to herself.

And she was right.

Just now, Zen had pushed Margaret down in a fit of rage but only because he felt cornered and desperate inside the dark, dangerous, underground palace with Eddie hot at his heels. He was afraid of Margaret falling into Eddie's hands, so for the greater good and also for the sake of his little sister, he had no choice but to do it.

However, Zen was still a virgin, so he was still a bit embarrassed after they finished.

In Margaret's eyes, however, Zen was blatantly trying to deny their relationship.

"Put your clothes on and we'll find a way to get out of here," Zen said with his back to Margaret.

For some reason, she refused. "No! I don't want to!" she declared angrily.

She quickly blushed at her impulsive words. Never did she think that she would be so shameless in front of a man.

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